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Here's hoping

I can't wait to see my surgeon on Monday and hopefully put to bed the longggg wait to get my knees sorted out. Over three years ago I put off a knee replacement as I wanted to wait as I was still in my thirties but now possibly because of me delaying it my other knee is now causing as many if not more problems and to add to that I am struggling to use my walking stick re problems with my elbows and am refusing a zimmer frame for now!!! I still feel uncomfortable though parking in disabled bays or using my blue badge as I do feel people look and think whats wrong with her! On the positive side though it is amazing the number of people lately who have offered me help when trying to manage a shopping bag and walking stick, there are some lovely people out there, god bless you all. Have a great weekend everyone x

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At least you're keeping your sense of humor, so you're halfway there!

You have a great weekend too ... worry about Monday ... Monday :)


Hi, good luck with the knees on Monday, I had mine replaced at 35 and 37, and I wish I could have held on a bit. Up to about 15 years ago, I had exactly the same feeling about the blue badge, I was always being given glares , by the healthy soles who wanted to use my disabled parking space. Hey, but what do they know! Just enjoy the driving, people can be so judgemental.

By the way, I refuse to use a zimmer frame ever. I am always hanging onto a

mini shopping trolley, and pushing my sticks around. Wishing you the very , very best with the knees. Jennyxxxxxx


I had a knee replacement 3yrs ago at 53 and i've said many times on here that i wished i hadn't had it done,because i've been fighting to get it sorted out. In januaury i saw a different surgeon who confirmed that my knee was put in wrong,now i'm 5wks out of theatre having had to have it redone all over again. It was a longer and more seriuos op than the first one. So i would say don't beat yourself up about turning it down when you were younger. This time may be the time to go for it. You know your body better than anyone else,i say listen to your body and go with what your gut says.

Keep smiling


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