neck fusion

scared now surgeon said i need a neck fusion also they will put plate at base of my scull so i wont be able to move mt head side to side and ony tiny bit up and down i trust the surgeon but ther is vhance i could be paralised (my spinal cord not got much room as bones have thickend so much ) but it only matter of time if i dont have the opp if i fall at the moment i could be paralised so it only matter of time without the opp but still scared about the opp

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Hi Lesleyf,

I don't know what to say as I would be scared too but hold onto the fact you trust the team looking after you.

Lots of love to you, Aligator xx


Ditto to what aligator says,i am sending you cyber hugs. I am thinking of you,let us know what happens next.


Have you had a second opinion? I wish I could suggest something but I guess you have to go with the experts advice, would a sturdy neck brace help in the event of a fall? Sorry if that is silly? best of luck.


I broke my neck & had a bone graft from my hip inserted into my cervical spine. I now have restricted movement - side to side- in my neck, but it's amazing how quickly you get used to it.Pluck up your courage and go for it Lesley. Just look forward to having a stable neck & hopefully less pain.



I have had two neck fusion operations (front and back) to fuse C4 and 5 and if you want to have a chat about it, do give me a call. I'm away for the next two weeks but back after 10th July so you can call me after 10th at the NRAS office. If I'm not there when you call, speak to my PA Deb and she can tell you when I'm around.

Best wishes




hi lesley just read your blog, that is scary but it is good that others have had it and have found adjusting to it ok. all the best


thank you all so much it make me feel realy good to know people care that dont even know me thank you all so much


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