neck fusion opp

ha any one had neck fusion with a plate also putnin base of scull i got to have one i wont be able to move my head side ways at all and only little bit up and down having this opp cos my spinal cord has not got much room now and i am at risk of it snapping and bein paralised without the opp the opp has risks i knw them just wanted to know of any one had the same opp and how they doing now

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Hi lesley

That sound so worrying for you but ii suspect the surgeon wouldn't do it if it wasn't necessary and it would help u in the long run.I Haven't had it done but am being "monitored" by the surgeon and having another mri scan soon. Its scary when they started talking about spinal compression noted and so on but the surgeon was quite blase, so if he wasn't worried then I think I should not be.

It sounds as though u r having it very rough and I hope it all goes well, I'm sure it will be a hard adjustment but it sounds like the benefits out weigh the problems. Sory can't be of much help but thinking about you Axxx


I am the same as allannah i can't tell you anything about it. I am sending hugs your way. xx


Lesley, Did you not receive my response to your question when it was here last week? Hope it didn't get lost.

Yes, I have had that exact surgery, one of 8 spinal surgeries I have had, all with fusions supported by titanium rods and screws, etc. Maybe even Glu-all!

The cervical spine was the easiest recovery. Had to wear a brace for 3 months, one I could take off for showers and cleaning the liner. But the results have been worth it, and I can move my head from side to side enough, can't look over my shoulders to well. Can look down, but looking up to the top shelf is a strain.

You will be in the best of hands, he already knows what he has to do.

Do you have a date scheduled yet? Be careful, and try to not think about it too much. L.xx


thank you so much i have it done on 30 july i feel so much better every one has been realy nice answering me because the surgeon just said i could be oaralised at any time without the opp i realy dont have a choice the ont thing that realy worried me was when he said they might have a problem if my bones are not strong enough to take the screws bolts e t c but they wont know untill they try to put them in also i am having a plate put in the base of my scull so i wont have any side to side movement at all and only a tiny bit up and down but i can cope with that it is so nice to haer of other people that have spinal fusion and all good comment thank you all so much i did not get a lot of info from the surgeon (of maybe i did but did not hear him i was bit shocked at th timelol)


That's a whole month yet. Try to do something fun and enjoyable every day to keep your mind on other things till then. Make memories, even if it's just simple things.

Plan to be with family and friends and relax, that's all I can advise. But stay in touch, we have lots of hugs here :) Lxx


thank you so much i have plan day out with all my family it is a pick nick at the beach (weather allowing lol) and me and my brother only just ot in touch again just before x mass so he will be come ing as well so i hope the weather gets better it will be great to se all my family and grand children enjoying them self s i told them all no talk of my opp it just a great day out for all of us , i would like to thank every one for there help it is nice to know there people out there that care and they dont even know me so thank you every one


That sounds wonderful, Lesley. My favorite is always the beach. Having your family together will be so much fun. Good idea to tell them no talking about your op., just enjoy each other, maybe the water for awhile, lay on the sand and talk to your brother.

My younger brother is my very favorite confidant, we can get into some pretty deep discussions. Family is the best. Have a terrific day!


Hi , I had a neck fusion in April c4 thru c7. It's has been nothing but positive for me, sorry I didn't do it sooner. I was also close to being paralized. I suggest you go for a second opinion, a lot of new technology out there. I have 8 screws and a plate. The plate is actually flexible so I am able to move my neck side ways. Since a discetomy was done, they used ceramic instead of my bone or cadaver bone. I am using a bone growth stimulator to help with the fusion.


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