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Mood swings!

Hi all....probably a very silly question but I was wondering if any of you experienced bad mood swings or am I just being a hormonal teenager!? I know I get really grumpy when I don't sleep well but even when I do I can go from being really happy to really upset within a minute. I suffered with depression after coming out of hospital in September which carried on through Christmas aswell ( It wasn't a fun day spending the day in my bed crying- very unlike me). I think I'm past that stage now but still don't feel completely in control of my emotions at all times- am I just weird or is this normal?!

Hope your all doing well

Thank you - Sian :). Xx

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I had bad week last week too,! think things can get to much for any one at times?

have you changed any medication..? eg have had some anti- depressants and no longer take them.. gosh this sounds rude forgive me email is so clumsy... may be consider some anti depressants? also coming off steroids can cause lowered mood//

but being plagued with ra and all it entails can makes us all feed up and depressed.. sometimes it passes in a day or two?? I f it doesnt please seek help, be it gp or some support group/ counselling

ps I actually went out sat night very excited.. I know your are a party girl.. I was getting depressed because never well enough for evening out.. went to see a rock band at pub.. and there were seats.. available all free except the drinks..


Hi Sian, it's a very difficult time for you at the moment not only have you got the horrendous RA to cope with you also have all those teenage hormones playing havoc on your emotions. I'm not being flippant when I say that it's because I have a 16yr old son and at the moment he's all over the place too, especially when he doesn't get enough sleep! lol.

I myself have had RA 17 years and in all that time I've suffered on and off with depression, not for a few years though I'm happy to say. But I do still get emotional days for no reason, you are very young though and having to deal with all this going on is a lot for you. I agree with Alison (above) it may help to have some counseling if things don't improve for you, it can certainly help.

You are a young woman with your whole life in front of you and even without the RA life can be difficult enough, but you have all that to cope with too. It may also be a good idea for you to attend a support group, I know you've had RA since you were 6 but your dealing with life's changes now so having support from others in a similar situation would be good to help you cope with RA in the future.(apologies if you are already attending one it was just a suggestion) the NRAS could also advise you.

Please don't suffer in silence RA and depression appear to go hand in hand for some people, talk to your consultant or GP.

Take care and be careful.

Mandy xx


Sian have mesaged you directly as now quite worried you have gone quiet since post... Many years before I was diagnosed I worked with some one who must have developed the disease young we were in 20s..reasearch work after uni( coal research !!)

If only I knew what pain she was in in that time.. we went clubbing etc.. she was on the gold injections that Iam now on! they were the latest thing in the mid/ late 80s but I didnt know I would go on to get the same disease later.. she was always glam.. changed her hair colour reg... now I know it is to have the wobbly ankles she had.. but she was a a fashion follower and in your early 20s granny shoes are . so poiny toe stiletto things it was for her and highesr things for me too!.

She went on to get married at 22, we lost touch when we got made redundant in 1995.

i not sure if she went on to have children dont think so she was a career girl. and looking back her ra was probably quite bad.

she retrained whilst we we were working together.. doing computer degree.. Open University RA was never discusses because I think in years past it was shrouded out of site.. disabiltiy rights and knowledge have now moved from the dark ages to the 21st century hope this true story can inspire you drugs have come a long since then



Sian, I think mood swings are quite to be expected with an illness like ours. I have moments when I forget about it, I get absorbed in something I'm doing and other times when I'm brought back down to earth. We learn to surf these changing feelings dont we. And going off to uni, well, its a time of great change and expectations. I hope that you have good support and that you can get access to any adaptations you need. I used to teach in an old uni, where the buildings were a nightmare, and had a lovely student who was a wheel chair user. She came to me with a number of problems - like steps to the laundrette, nowhere to sit in the shower and after a number of phone calls and pulling a few strings, she did get sorted. But its important to ask for help - that might help with the ups and downs which dont help with mood swings.

I think other reasons for mood swings - constant pain makes me really scratchy, frustration at not being able to do things I feel I should.

These are all helped by finding support in various ways, which has included counselling. Worth bearing in mind.

Good luck at uni, I hope you really enjoy it - its easy to forget these days but its about having a good time and an education, not just training for a job!

X Cathie


Thank you all :). Mand do you know where I could find out about support groups in my local area , I would be interested to go and see what its like. Think I need to start being proactive about changing the way I feel :). Xx


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