I could go into a load of history but I fear I'll be falling over into unconsciousness before I finish this post so I'll make this short. I have been put back on TRAMADOL from Gabapentin, which was useless. Problem is I am now into my 4th day and I am still falling into deep sleeps. I can't remember how long it takes to get used to this medication as it is a few years since I was first prescribed it. Any idea when I might be able rejoin the rest of the planet. Haven't been able to drive or visit my elderly parents who depend on me. I just sleep what's seems like all the time. I'm only on 100mg twice a day, morning and night. Anything at all would be helpful. This drug worked very well for me in the past but I don't remember being this doped on it before. The only other pain relief I take with the tramadol is paracetamol.......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  • I had the same problem with tramadol..felt like a zombie...had to give it up.

  • Ah no, don't be telling me that! It worked for me before but I don't remember how long it took for me to tolerate it. Thanks anyhow, hope your well. X

  • could you take the 50mg strength?

    I can't help much as the only time I had 100mg I slept almost continuously for three days!

  • I'm not much help to you when i took it . I only took it for three days over the weekend and i had the shakes. I couldnt hold a cup of tea without spilling it.

    wish you luck i have pregablin now. XXX


  • Hi will get used to it I'm sure especially as you've had it before? Why not try what OldTimer suggests and halve the dose...just until you get used to it? Tramadol gets a lot of bad press but it's helped at times to keep me in work and functioning!! I'm not going to preach or tell people what to do as I'm not medically trained but used sensibly it definitely helps. Good luck 😊

  • Hi don't worry it will settle down. I'm on slow release tramadol 200mg twice a day. I couldn't function without it! Keep with it, hopefully it will be worth it. Gentle hugs to you.

  • I have tramadol for back pain and only have two at night when I need it. Two send me to a very odd place which is not pleasant, so I only take one during the day time, if I need it. I'm not sure it works for me with RA...

    As oldtimer suggested, can you not take 50mg rather than 100? Perhaps 50mg four times a day might provide some relief without knocking you out.

    Not sure effective pain relief is delivered when the drug makes you sleep, rather than reduce pain. Well, I guess you get to move away from the pain if you're asleep.

  • Just wanted to say an overall thank you to those who replied. I don't have the energy to reply to you individually so I hope this will suffice. Now into day 4 and I think I'm starting to come around after a week-end of nausea, extreme sweating, disturbing dreams, itching, shaking...... I could go on but I'll spare you....

    I am I the only one who thinks sometimes if it is all worth it? J

  • Hi I take tramadol 100mgs 1x3times daily. I also take clozapine. I have no side effects but I know from friends & reading online feedback that there are some people tramadol causes side effects.

    I also take co codamol 30/100mg four daily.

  • Hi I'm taking Tramadol 300mgs daily & I found it ok, it is maxitram sr. They

    Are slow release. Have you tried co codamol 30/500? They are another strong painkiller.

  • Hi! I'm taking maxitram 100mgs three times a day & I have no side effects at all.

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