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Hi, i've just got my ESR (63), CRP (48). and RA(192). Is this and indication ii have Ra or Lupus?

I've had minor aches and pains in previous years in shoulders and fingers, just to go away in summer. Suddenly, about six months ago, i developed fatigue, severe pain in knees, shoulders and back. I was on a 'quadruple" antibiotics therapy for H-pylori., was taking prozac for minor depression. I had some kind of infection or toxicity where i had a break in my skin and rashes . I stopped taking all medications that day, i had a horrible reaction at night seems like a heart attack and panic attacks. I've never been the same since. After visits to a psychologist,GI, and neurologist. No proper diagnosis was given. I would like to know what happened to me? I know that RA or Lupus is a progressive disease(s) and i wont have those symptoms come on suddenly. I have psychological and physical issues. Anxiety, depression, restlessness, insomnia,poor concentration, memory issues, and an all out feeling of "not well." The stiffness and pain seems to "travel" in my body. Pelvic then shoulders, then neck, then elbows. I've lost alot of weight, and have muscle weakness and atrophy. Can any one please help me with the diagnosis and what to do? thank you, sorry about the grammer :)

Forget to mention that i developed a high sensitivity to drugs, psychological or sleeping pills. As i was prescribed some other forms of psychological meds and unisom for sleeping. I was never sensitive to those before the onset of the condition. After stopping all the meds the first time, i had severe insomnia for months. Took sleeping pills at that time, did not help at all. then gradually i started developing high intolerance, if i take a psychological meds or unisom, i will feel as if i am "drugged" all night and all day the next day. I've been taking less potent OTC to help, tylenol pm or similar. I know i have some kind of infection in my body. I want to know if anyone shared a similar experience where the onset of psychological, emotional, and symptoms associated with RA at the same time? I was symptoms free before the quadruple therapy and prozac.

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Hi Sammy, I'm not really into giving people advice because what's good for one might not be good for another but I do know, after reading your blog that I wouldn't feel right if I didn't recommend that you go and see a homeopath. A good homeopath will spend about an hour and a half asking you questions about yourself, your health, your lifestyle etc and you must answer honestly. They will tell you what you need to do.

About 20 years ago I was really ill, I couldn't walk upstairs and like you I was depressed etc. I went to a homeopath and today I am 67 and am so much better. She was able to tell me what foods I should avoid and what would be good for me, she gave me some homeopathic remedies all of which are natural. These are to help you detox.

I can only recommend this as it gave me my life back.

Good luck Sammy.



Thank you Pam, i have been trying all kind of homeopathic remedies since i started having this condition. NOTHING seems to work. I know it works and works great for many, it did not help me. The strange thing is that i developed all of these symptoms AFTER i took the prozac and the 4 antibiotics. Honestly, i dont think i was really depressed when i started taking the prozac,this may has something to do with the psychological and physical "aftermath." i was reading about a thing called serotonin syndrome which can be associated with stopping taking antidepressants abruptly. But again the physical symptoms i have does not correlate! I am really glad that you are doing well with homeopathic and i really appreciate the reply.

Take care and stay well :)


Hi Sammy

I don't know a lot about Lupus but I know that it can cause severe psychological problems for sufferers. I believe those blood tests can also be indicative of RA. Have you been tested for APS/Hughes Syndrome?

Are you seeing a good rheumatologist? I would ask your doctor to refer you St Thomas' Lupus unit. They are one of the best in the world. I saw Professor D'Cruz there (I have also heard that Professor Khamashta is great too) at the APS clinic and although you may have to wait, the time they spend with you is unlike anything I've experienced on the NHS and I thought I was going to have to have a transfusion after all the blood they took! He picked up my RA. They are very thorough.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Karen x


Thanks Karen for the reply, I've checked online for APS/Hughes syndrome, one of the most prevailing symptoms is Giddiness and "cold circulation", i dont have that. Although it is possible not to have all the symptoms. I am just wondering if my test results are a cause of just inflammation, or is it directly related to RA or Lupus. Knowing some one experienced the onset of symptoms along with psychological and emotional would be helpful in assessing the diagnosis. I will be going to a rheumatologist tomorrow and see what he says. Thanks again, i am glad you are doing well, i will let you know how it goes. Take care, and stay well :)


Hi - I was interested that you say Lupus and RA are both progressive diseases and would not come on suddenly? From what I know about RA it does come on suddenly for some where for others, such as me, it creeps up slowly. Some wake up one day and just cant move for pain and stiffness. For some RA and Lupus cause depression and fatigue because they are both sutoimmune diseases and are therefore systemic. I really wish you the best of luck with your rheumatology appointment tomorrow. Warm regards Tilda x


Thank you so much Tilda, i really appreciate your warm reply. I will let you know how it went. Best wishes to you as well, take care


Hi Sammy,

I can't answer your question but I can agree with Tilda. In my case my RA came on in a matter of days and it hit me like a brick! I really hope that our roomy appointment sorts you out.

Best of luck


Hi Wolfdancer, i went to my "roomy' :) today. He said that i might have RA, but the tests and inflammation suggests some kind of infection, it could be RA, but very "minor" case of it. He put me on some antibiotics and anti-inflammatory,should treat the inflammation. Thanks and best of luck to you


Hi Sammy, so sorry you are suffering so badly.

I can't answer your question either, but I do know that it's not good to stop anti depressants without medical support.

How long were you taking the prozac for, and was it a large dose?

My RA seemed to happen over night, but if I look back there were signs, which I put down to the menopause and long working hours.

I hope you get the help you need.

Nic x


Thank you Nic, i knew after that i am not supposed to stop anti depressants without medical support. Come to think of it, i dont think i should have started taking it in the first place, i was "mildly" depressed and i should've had another approach. Oh, well, what ever is suppose to happen, will happen. I've taking porzac for a bout two months, i've experienced some weird tightening in my head while i was taking it, i know i should've stopped it then, bad mistake, but the Dr. told me it takes about two months for it to work. So , i continued taking it while i was taking 4 antibiotics for H pylori, which again, no need for me to take since i did not have many of symptoms associated with H pylori. Just minor cramps and aches. Which by the way, could've been a side effect of the prozac! After stopping all meds, i appeared to have the stifness, aches and pains all over my body. I really don't want to say that it was a Dr's mistake(s), there are some very good Drs out there who really know what they're doing. But, this was a very bad decision on the Dr's part , and on my part as well. I saw a rehumatologis(sp?) today an gave some anti inflammatory and an antibiotic, i think it will help with the inflammation and will see again in a week. Strangely, i felt better yesterday before going to my appointment today! :) Thanks again, much appreciated, take care Nic, i wish you the best as well


Pleased your appointment went well, you may have found it reassuring from what you have said. Stress and depression can often cause or make physical symptons worse. im curious how the came to put you on the helio bacter pylori treatment? you would surely have to have had some symptons or a postive test result for them to commence the therapy? x


Thank you Summer, i did have a positive for h pylori, however, i didnt have any of the symptoms.Well, minor stomach ache,which could be anything. thats why i said i should've not taking the antibiotics. The "second" GI i went to see after wards said that many have the h pylori and should not do anything about it unless they have the symptoms, which i did not. there are some really good homeopathic remedies. I think what started it all, while i was taking the prozac, and then the antibiotic, i started getting pain and tension in my stomach , i thought it was the h pylori. Actually, i think it was the prozac, not the h pylori. So, i kept taking the antibiotics while still taking the prozac. I dont know if the prozac did something to my brain to affect the different glands where it stopped functioning or what, but it sees that did something to that affect. After i had the rash on my body, i stopped taking all meds, thats when i had that horrible night where i thought i was dying. From that point on, i had all kinds of symptoms, insomnia, anxiety, pains all over my body, stiffness in neck and shoulders, Just to name a few :) The most troubling for me is the "brain fog" or the unreality feeling. Thats when i started looking for the physical symptoms and found that it most resemble RA and others such as Lupus or adrenal fatigue or CFS. I've never had any symptoms of those or any other illness before i started on prozac and the antibiotics. that is why i am searching to see what others might have experience in order for us to share and maybe beneficial to each other.

Appreciate your concern, will keep you posted on how it goes.

Warm regards



Sammy, My first inclination was that you needed to see a Rheumatologist! After reading further and seing that you were going to be seeing one, I knew you are on the right track. Judging by your test results alone, you must be dealing with an inflammatory and/or infectious problem. Your Rheumy will get you sorted, and likely all those other symptoms will be defined also. Good luck.


Thank you Loret, i think and hope i am on the right track, it is a little comforting to find out what is really going on. AT least i will take care of one thing at time. :)

Warm regards to you


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