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Nearly two weeks later.......

Well friends here i am again, i'm still alive and doing what i'm known for, overdoing it. Yesterday i walked to next doors twice as we are cat sitting until tonight. Then later on i walked half-way round our close. I think that that was a walk too far. So i have suffered for it. I didn't sleep very well last night,i was downstairs at 4am this morning with a bag of peas on my knee and painkillers. Hubby came down until i got settled and i told him to go back to bed. I didn't have any amytrptiline so that didn't help either. What sleep i have had wasn't too bad though.

Lets just say i'm fed up with not being able to get about as quickly as i would like. I am not depressed which is a blessing as i have enough problems without that rearing its ugly head.

One wheelchair has been delivered so it looks like i might be taken for a walk now and see a different view,fantastic.

Hope you all have a lovely day.


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hi sylvi,dont try to run before you can walk, you need to take things slowly, you have just been through a big op, and you need time to recover, outside will still be there, when your ready ,pleased to hear your chairs come you can now get someone to take you for that walk, consider yourself told off , sue x


Will do sue,been up village in wheelchair, what a performance,but it was lovely just to get outxxx


glad you enjoyed yourself, take care, sue x


Hi Sylvi,

Sit back and enjoy being pushed around for a bit!

I know its very frustrating not being able to do what you want but this healing lark takes time. Keep your spirits up and get it off your chest by having a good moan on here if you need to.

Mary x


They have gone down the allotment so i have some peace. Don't get me wrong they are doing a great job,but i would like just to be able to do a little bit. There was a plant that needed repotting,grace brought the plant round the back,hubby got the compost ready and they had nearly done the job for me. They wouldn't go until they knew that the job was done. Thats what annoys me they won't let me do anything. I know i'm prone to overdoing it,well walking is the only thing i can do and they come with me.I know that they have been very worried about me and i know they saw more of what was wrong with me than i did,but unless i am sitting down then they know where i am. Let s see how long it takes one of them to ring and see how i am.They have had to walk as the damn car is still not fixed so i am home alone. Now tell me what mischief can i get upto while their gone with my leg like this? I ask you. Thats my moan over with,it is a lovely day and i must be grateful,so i am sitting here with all you lovely people and i'm munching on a lollipop,is that mischeif enough!!!!



Daughter has just rang to see if i'm ok on her dads orders. You have to laugh don't you.xx


I understand the frustration SYlvia but it would be worse if they didn't care. I hope you heal quickly and get back to mischief soon. LOL


Oh i know they care and love me thats why i am trying too hard so as it is easier on them. xx


Best of luck and don't overdo things. x


Your daughter and husband sound lovely Sylvi, you're a very lucky lady :-) It made me laugh that you knew they would ring to check up on you! I hear what you're saying about wanting to do things for yourself though. It's really frustrating having to rely on others when all you want is a little independance. You're doing really well and it must have been lovely to get out and about even if it was in a chair.

Paula x


Paula, since my last post i have had a lie down and now i feel brighter. My two i can read them like a book. When we were up the village we got a union jack and attached it to the handle of the wheelchair. My two are lovely even if they frustrate me at times. My son would enjoy pushing me around if he was in the country. I have just got to be patient which is something i'm not very good at i'm afraid.



Sylvie, Can't you use your scooter to get around the village, or is it too hard to drive?

I know how it is to want to get out, see other people and other things, and also to just go do what you want to do when you see it needs done.

It will come, this too shall pass! L xxx


Morning lovely loretta, its a bit difficult to drive with my leg the way it is,i couldn't bend it enough or keep it in the bent position for long. I dare not do anything to put back the recovery as much as i would love to,but my scooter will have to wait a few more weeks.

How about you loretta,how is your recovery going? its been a few weeks now since your op. How is it now after your little tumble?

love sylvi.xx


Morning Sylvi.

You know you just have to accept the help being offered at the moment.

Once your knee has got over the op hopefully you will manage more things yourself (hopefully that time is only just around the corner).

It was a big op and overdoing it may cause you more problems. You are at the last hurdle, so try not to be impatient now.

Take a deep breath and recite after me "I am not bored, I am not bored" ........

Keep smiling 'cause you are almost there.

Judi xxxxx


I know Judi, and i love my family very much as without them i wouldn't be able to have a moan!! Yes it was a very big op,bigger than i have been able to understand. I won't be doing a lot today. The one thing is i'm not depressed as i know its all over. I think i will feel a lot better when we go on holiday as my hubby won't have anything to do. He sees work to do around here and if he is away he will rest a bit more than he is at the moment. I will say it has been lovely to have him around all day,we do get on very well. He retires in a months time so he will be with me all the time.

I try to do things to help them,nobody realises what its like when you can't do anything,i do admire those people who are disabled in wheelchairs who manage very well.

Keep smiling yes i do and yes i'm almost there,but boy this is the hard part!!

Porridge has arrived so i better go. Have a lovely day. love sylvi.xx


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