Dismissal hearing update


I just wanted to update you all on my situation.

I had my hearing on Thursday, it was just horrid - nothing that should have been discussed was, and I was just questioned on my behaviour (I cry a lot, and sometimes blow hot and cold!) and if I fitted in at my work!

I have to go back on Monday - Im really not looking forward to that!

I saw my Rheumy nurse on Tuesday - I am not in a good way - understandably and had to have a steroid injection - which thankfully has kicked in today!

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine - I am so looking forward to doing a bit of gardening tomorrow, and hubby is organising a picnic in the New Forrest on Sunday!

take care everyone, and thanks again for your support!

Pen :)

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I'm so sorry to hear what a horrible time you're having at work Pen. Employers really do seem to get away with murder, it makes me so mad. Hopefully after a lovely weekend in the sun and powered up with your steroids you'll feel stronger by Monday and more able to face it. Take care and enjoy your picnic :-)

Paula x


That sounds awful, and heartless. So much for the theory that it's all supposed to be two way discussion! I hope the weekend helps you get over such a nasty event, so you can face Monday a bit better. Pollyx


thank you! x



Just wanted to say I really feel for you as I am going through very similar(read my blog as you will probably be able to relate)! It is dreadful how these employers and others(consultant too in my case), can do these things and get away with it. This site really does help as we know others are facing the same pain and traumas caused by this horrible disease. I am truly so sorry for you and wish you well on Monday. As others above say, try to enjoy the sunshine as Monday will come but the sunshine may not! Have you got someone with you for the meeting and do you have a union rep? I have been asked to go to capability meeting on Friday but feel so drained with it all as you must. Write bullot points and say that you would like to ask questions/statement at the end of their torrade. This is your life and they see us just as a number, so treat it as an opportunity to get your case across. At least you now know what you are up against so go prepared with your info and go for it. We are all thinking of you.

By the way I used to live in Romsey(7years ago) and family still live on the edge of the New Forest, which I really miss now living in Devon.

Hope the sun shines on you today.

Asa's Mum xx


Pen, just remember they still pee and pooh the same as you. They are no different too us others. I feel for you pen and i hope everything goes your way on monday.

love sylvi.xx


Oh Pen that sounds really nasty for you. They should have concentrated on the ra. Hope you can put it out of your head for a few hours and enjoy the sunshine.


Pen, that sounds awful, I Am on extended leave & luckily not being treated badly (yet).

I hoe things improve, as if you need ths stress, makes RA so much worse.

Regards, Gina.


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