Confirmation of Dismissal on permanent ill health level 3

Confirmation of Dismissal on permanent ill health level 3

Good Evening ,

Thank you for the lovely messages I have received .

I enclose my Fife Council confirmation Letter regarding my ill health Dismissal at a capability hearing on the 23/9/16.

I have over the past thirteen years suffered Rheumatoid Arthritis. Fibromyalgia , dupuntrens constracture, anxiety ,INflammatory bowel disease , kidney problems and operations on my kidney, elbow , other body parts.

I have nodules all over my body , Asthma , lung function problems , plantar fasciitis, bladder problems the lost goes on sorry if I am going on .

Over the years I have had slog of treatments for the R A and can list them all and side effects .

We all know how hard coping is, for the past five years I physically dragged myself out of bed to go to work . Falling asleep at a desk chronic fatigue , doors up with pain relief to help pain to try and function.

Every time I had an abscence and completed the back to work paperwork I would breach a trigger level and this would result in being sent a letter to attend Occupational Health when it was Dura Diamond to discuss work place assessments and j had three assessments to adjust my office ,new chair , new desk ,ground floor , less written work more documents on the pc etc.

After breaching trigger levels I would meet the Team Leader who would try to understand so I received visits from Human Resources etc and eventually after my last absence resulting in my kidney operation and many years of trying to keep myself in post the Occupational Health stated that my illnesses were progressive and they could not sustain my employment .

I received money and my pension frozen until I am 60+ and now I am officially from my last pay this year in January classed as medically retired the terminology used by the lovely DWP .

As you can see I am angry , devastated as I do not want to be in this position and I angry at my body letting me down sorry for the rant ❤️

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  • You must like me have your local authority pension or did you opt out ? I stayed in and got my 30 years service full pension plus 1 weeks salary for every year worked in the settlement. Retiring on ill health grounds triggers the payment of your pension which is half your last years salary.

  • Hi,

    I am so sorry to hear this has happened to you. I think it has happened to a few of us- I lost my job because of my ill health. In the end- and it will take a while - things will feel better and you will hopefully be able to enjoy your life using your energy for things you actually want to do.

    Can you get some advice re finances? Are you able to cope financially with the loss of your job?

    Take care- do something nice for yourself,

    L x

  • What a way to treat someone. I can really relate to your experience, I was a teacher, worked hard to get PhD then bang RA. Tried to keep going but I found myself being excluded from things and realised the writing was on the wall. We moved to edinburgh to be near daughter and a whole world opened up here. Don't despair it'll be a relief to be away from stress

  • OMG! Was there no second page thanking you for your many years of loyal service to the authority and wishing you all the best for the future?

    I don't know if the regulations have changed since my service, but I was refused early voluntary retirement, on the grounds it would be too expensive, though so far as I am aware no calculations were attempted, so I instigated retirement on health grounds and was amazed at how speedily it was granted in 2001. Not only that, if memory serves me correct, my superannuation pension was enhanced as if retiring at age 65 although I was just over 1 year away from my State Pension payable at 60. I delayed my departure a few weeks in order to leave my job as I would have wished to find it, with an annual almanac covering the remainder of the academic year and all the necessary documentation input for final assessments 4 months later.

    I count my blessings every day that early retirement allowed me 14 months at home with my OH before he succumbed to a second heart attack.

    I hope that time will allow you the peace you deserve. Good luck!

  • Hi Kerry - How hard is that? I can see that they tried to word it as gently as they could, but it is still incredibly hard for you. I wish I could help, but the best thing I can do is send gentle hugs.

    Keep in mind that you may be able to do other things though that do not stress you as much and still would let you be productive. It took me a while. I went back to school to get a Master's Certification in Herbology (didn't quite get there - I couldn't afford the one week intensive at $4,500), I started a soap and candle business that went really well until my mother in law fell, and getting her into Assisted Living, and renovating her townhouse from scratch and selling it fell to me, so I ended up closing my business, and so on, and so on ha ha.

    I guess my (rambling, sorry) point is that there may be many other things you can get involved with that will "spark joy" to quote Marie Kondo. Take care and I hope it starts to feel better soon..

  • Thank you and I am going to get involved with assisting disabled rights and possibly organising a support group in my local area .

    My physical health and well being has been affected like so many other people coping with RA and other invisible illnesses , I still have my tongue and will try to help others as much as I can .

    This site is great as we all know how each other feel and how debilitating this disease is .

    Healing hugs ❤️

  • Wonderful idea... There are always people that need help... Excellent that you can help them, yes?

  • I had been a teacher at this particular school for over 26yrs I was due to see an Occupational Heath consultant in two weeks when the head and governors called me to a meeting even though they knew I had the appointment. I took my union rep with me and cut a long story short the finished me with no pension till 60+, I went to Occupational Health the next week after to be told by the consultant I was unfit for work and he was going to give me ill heath retirement with my full pension. Both the school and the local authority had to eat humble pie. There is no loyalty today its all about saving money not people!!!! Good luck and I hope you manage to start your group xx

  • Thank you and the same to yourself , this is happening to a lot of people and your made to feel terrible when you need assistance financially after losing your job .

    The choice was taken away from yourself and I and i would have tried to keep working . I was not given the option of job share / working part-time etc .

    I'm not letting my health conditions define me and I will try to keep going to help other people . ❤️

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