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injection kenalog for leg and knee pain

I have had a kenalog injection via knee on wed , still in pain after 2 days of completly resting, when walking , sleeping/crying all the time pain wakes me although I have taken extra pain relief . Told at clinic will need this injection 3 monthly in both knees , using walking stick for support anyone else had this reaction after kegalog injections into their knees

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Hi Mac, I get an injection every 3mth in my bottom for all over joint/tendon/ligament pain, it can take up to a week to kick in and the longer term relief is different for everyone, for some people sadly there's no benefit, some only a couple of weeks others about 10 weeks.

It would be worth having a chat with your GP and ask about other painkilling meds if the one's your on aren't giving any relief. Amytriptyline (a muscle relaxant) which works well with Tramadol for severe pain.

I used to find a couple of painkillers, soak in the tub or hot water bottle resting on my SI joints / hips and a glass of wine used to help me get some rest.

I'm sorry to say, as painful as it is you must exercise the joint and muscles around it to maintain strength and what little mobility you have.

Beth xx


thank-you Beth for your comments

Ihave managed for seven years on MTX and hydroxy folicd acid tramadol voltrol paracetamol I apply algesal gel

I have tried to excerise walking around with my walking stick but it very painful i just recieved this off OT last week

i have tried varoius treatments in between this including TNF this made me very down and depressed i came off it after three months.would of happily committed sucide on these injections

use to have MTX 15mg injected but ended up with a emypema of the left lung left with damaged to the lung afterwards have to have lung xray every 6 months

is there any side effects from taking these? muscle relaxants?

i hate my disease neg RA so does my family it changes everthing in your/their life .


Poor you Mac you have my sympathy. All the more powerful drugs we are given seem to affect my moods pretty badly as well - steroids worst of all though. After my only Kenalog jag last year I got really bipolar for a week or so - was high one moment and down at rock bottom thinking of the best way to do myself in etc the following moment. My hubby ended up phoning my GP who said, as he says now re the MTX, that the believes this is about finding I have RA. I'm not so sure myself. I even got pretty low on Sulphasaline and it says this is a rare side effect of this drug but as soon as I came off it I bounced back to my usual relatively happy self so I would take some convincing that depression is not chemically induced for me.

Then it was the same when I was on Prednisolone and my GP saw me in his surgery completely hyper - hair sticking up on end and completely manic, having had no sleep whatsoever the previous few nights. The steroids do work for my pain after a while though but it's a high price to pay for the first awful week. He won't let me take steroids now having seen what they do to me! I hope you feel the benefit of the jabs soon but maybe you are like me and just have to weigh it up each time? TTx


Hello Mac, Are you taking any Dmards at all now?. sounds like you had horrid experiences with ant tnf and with injectable methotrexate.


Hi Summer

Iam taking MTX 15mg and Hydrox folic acid everday apart from MXT day as well as all the pain R of tramdol, voltrol, paracetamol.

MTX blows my mind when I take it I feel I am not me, its messess with my brain

thats how it feels although i was told a tRA clinic to drink at least 2 litres of water to help with the side effects afte taking MTX which I do find helps only trouble is your up all night for the toilet.

I feel like stopping all meds or going private for a assessmet has i am negetive RA my consulant informs me that neg RA does not respond as well as postive to any meds given. anybody out there undertaken this stop meds go private?

mac 1313


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