Feeling good

I walked and ran 3 errands & saw my gp to get out my 4 stitches (in my finger) all before 11 am. Spent the early afternoon watching the 2nd half of Treasure Island then watered my garden. I just got back from my exercise class and I am feeling really good.

The birds are singing and the sun is out & there is a nice breeze. It's 84 degrees-lower than they thought today. I am going with a friend to Omaha (60 miles) tomorrow to walk in a beautiful park. I love it there, and I love that we can get exercise & sunshine while enjoying the flowers, sculptures, & fountains, etc.

PS: my finger has a cool scar-it looks like a kid bit me, like this if you look at it sideways: ( , Big on the top, little on the bottom. Dr lady was so concerned about a scar, but I have surgical scars all over my hands so I just laughed & said add it to the rest, & give it some character, please.

A friend said to me that I brightened her day today, by being so cheerful, so that made me feel good too.

I hear a salad calling me for supper, Mmmmmm, that sounds good to me.


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  • Hi Christine, it's nice you're feeling so good. Hope you enjoyed your salad and hope you enjoy your trip to Omaha.

    Lucky you with regards the weather - it's been unusually cold and wet here for May with only the odd bout of sunshine.

    Take care


  • Hi Christine,

    Great to hear you are feeling well, enjoy your trip to gardens.

    Xx Gina.

  • The gardens sound lovely - see if you can take a snapshot and upload it on your next blog maybe? Great to hear you sounding so positive keep it up! TTx

  • Hi Christine,

    You sound really upbeat, enjoy your day out,

    Take care and well done


  • Sounds much better than your last few posts - just don't go near any power tools when you're out walking. Pollyx

  • Hey girl, Good to hear from you, I have seen the weather map of what you will have over the weekend! It has been a really nice week here, 70s every day, tomorrow and Sunday approaching 90! I draw the line there! Still remember last summer, practically every day was 90 or more!

    The gardens in Omaha sound so delightful, would love to do that. Enjoy, but don't over-enjoy :) L.xx

  • Oh Loret, 2 days of 90's has sapped all of my energy. I just keep trying to keep my garden moist & have been trying to pull weeds & keep up with my exercising. I do different exercise with 4 different friends. I've walked every day this week so far. My arms are getting so tanned & freckled. My legs are still white though.

    Tomorrow is our Arthritis Walk, and I'm going to go early & help them set up & then walk the 3 miles later. I suppose I should go to bed early, because they want me at 7:30 am! I am SO not a morning person either. Volunteering is good for the soul and I like to do it & meet other people who like to do it too.

    I'll take the sunscreen with me as I'll be sweating it off & re-applying with this heat.

    My friend postponed our trip from Thursday to Sunday, so I'll have to remember to take some pictures with my phone. I love the Japanese garden, it is so zen & peaceful.


  • Well, atleast in the morning, it will be cooler! Good for you for all that walking and exercise. I wish.

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