Feeling good - inside and out!

Hello! I just wanted to share that I have been feeling great! I think my year long flare is finally abated! I don't know what to attribute to it, but my CRP has been below 1 since August/September. I decided to take a chance and halve my meloxicam (pain/anti-inflammatory meds) on November 1. On November 3, I started acupuncture. On November 21, I decided to test ditching the meloxicam altogether. I feel GREAT! I even started lifting weights again November 24 (starting with low weights and with exercises that don't tax my grip), and after 4 workouts, I think it's just added to my general feeling of well-being. Yesterday at my 9th acupuncture appt, my acupuncturist said that my fingers are looking skinny! Who knew that would be such a lift, but I am so hopeful to be able to squeeze my wedding band back on my finger again.

What else have I done this month? Gotten 8-10 hours of sleep EVERY NIGHT. I think that has made a world of difference. Sometimes I think the flares are there to remind you what is important in life and to make sure you truly appreciate the good days. I still have my nodules and neuropathy, but I can run (a bit) and already am challenging myself with my wee weight workouts (only about 30 minutes including a 10 min warm up). I am able to throw my 35 lb toddler in the air, carry a full laundry hamper up two flights of stairs, and squeeze the shampoo out of the bottle with just one hand!

Thanks for indulging me :)

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  • Hi karen77,

    so glad to hear that you are feeling great. Always good to hear about when things are going well for someone.

    Best wishes

    Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

  • Hi Karen,

    That is fantastic news, so glad to hear you are feeling well :)

    I can't seem to find any reason why some days you feel good and others not so much!

    I hope your good spell lasts for you xx

  • Thanks! Gentle hugs!

  • Absolutely wonderful Karen. I hope newly diagnosed & the less controlled amongst us read this & find your update uplifting & something they can aim for. I truly hope you get to lifting greater weights & increase your running distance but most of all enjoy playing with your little one without fear of causing yourself the hurt you've had before.

    Long may it last. x

  • Thank you so much for your kind words - and that's why I wrote the post - so that others can take comfort that they don't have just bad and worse days to look forward to, but a few sunny ones as well! :)

  • Such good news, I'm so pleased for you, especially being able to play with your child. Hope you go from strength to strength! M x

  • Brilliant news and about time lol!! I can say I'm well jel at the moment but mine too will pass. Enjoy playing and Xmas pain free! Xx

  • I keep hoping that I've "figured things out" but I guess I'll just enjoy this while it lasts and make sure I keep getting my sleep! :)

  • Awesome new!!!! enjoy life!

  • Karen, what a lovely uplifting post, I do hope you keep feeling well and enjoy playing with your baby, you sound so happy. It's good that you

    come in and post how well you are feeling it gives others hope for the future.

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