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Inflammed sinuses any experience anyone?


Hi all, recently I saw an ear nose & throat consultant who diagnosed inflamed nasal membranes, I am now waiting to be called for a scope & biopsies.

I mentioned it to my rheumy, she says more likely caused by my meds ( humira & mtx) than by the RA. Inflammed sounds lie part of disease doesn't it?

Anyway, the awful symtoms is bad taste in mouth in morning, dryness in mouth, nasal passages. Occasional blood in mouth in mornning at back of thrat resumaby frm dry nasal passages.

Sorry for details but as anyone else ad noting similar and treatment?


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Not got any of this Gina but then I don't take same meds as you. I know that when I was on Sulphasalazine last year I got huge swellings on my neck and ear and it turned out that this was a serious side effect of the drug so perhaps if you look at Humira and MTX side effects you will find out more? I think your rheumy is likely to be right though so keep us informed and see the blog by Avjh that's newly up about ear and hearing loss on Cimzia too. TTx

I went through a spell where I was getting nose bleeds daily, and my OH said that my snoring would have drowned out passing aircraft. Anyway, I Was told that had inflamed sinus and was given spray to use for a bit. Plus a salt water wash to shoot up my nose that was truly horrid! took a while but eventually improved - but didn't think to ask whether it was because of RA or the meds. Tho' also found I have deviated septum which they said should be fixed, but I don't want another op so have shelved that for the moment - bought OH earplugs Instead. Px

Hi I've had sinus problems since I was in my early 20's (60's now).

I do take Mtx but honestly don't remember getting any more problems when I started taking it to when I wasn't.

I found the nasal wash very good and it did help eventually. (Last bout of sinus problems had lasted months having tried various antibiotics - eventually was referred to the hospital and it was there that I was advised to use a spray and the sinus wash).

I find my sinuses play up when my nose gets very cold (especially when there are changes in the weather) and when the rape seed and linseed are in the fields and it's sunny and warm.

2 things I have found which help me are: (1) holding a water bottle across the bridge of my nose and (2) sitting on the side of the bed with my head leaning forward so that my nose starts to drip (I get to a point where my nose runs like a tap) holding a tissue in my hands to catch the drips of course ! I've found that this helps to relieve the pressure.

Hope you find something to help you.


Thanks for tips Judi, I think rapeseed is causing this to flare at moment. Can see yellow fields everywhere.

Will try hot waty and as advised. Thnks,



If you are sensitive to rapeseed pollen antihistamine tablets will help calm things down a bit x

I have had dry nasal passages for a few weeks, and they are sore and get scabs. Also slight nose bleeds.

I have also been diagnosed with Sjogren's, and my doc said that it's because of that.

Do you have dry eyes?


No I hav nt dry eyes, only sore nose, popping up to GP tmoro.


Hi Gina - I'm on MTX but have had the same thing since a year ago when I was on leflunomide! Started with a cold but nose just never seemed to clear up! They did test me for other autoimmune diseases that can cause inflammation in nose, and even did a biopsy back in January but couldn't find anything! However I do have a follow up appointment at the ENT guy tomorrow, and it's also particularly bad for me this week, so will let you know what he says!

That is very interesting heathep, maybe it is that we are not getting better from minor nfections due to the suppression of our immune systems, let me know how follow up visit goes, thanks,


heatherp in reply to Gina_K

Hi Gina - well doc said it didn't seem anything too serious, but looks like an infection. Said that some people are more likely to get nasal ones, and especially with our suppressed immune systems, so exactly what you suggest above! I am suffering from low white blood cells and lymphocytes at the moment (taken off MTX temporarily), so that could definitely be the cause! Has just recommended a cream that he gave me last year (Naseptin) which is anti-bacterial, and said Bactroban is also good. Said that even if this was related to RA (sometimes you can get nose sores with some of these autoimmune things) he said the treatment would be the same! Said that if it gets any worse I should go and get anti-biotics! And also said that salt water rinse would help, so all as per various suggestions above!

Gina_K in reply to heatherp

Ialso went to GP, on an anti biot, as maybe a sinus infection, the bactroban cream (already had naseptin) & Xyzal, am going to skip mtx tnite incase a bit of infection. :)

I have had Sinus probs all my life, but they don't seem any worse since I went on MTX about 3 years ago. I was recently offered the following advice from my Physio. Find an old electric toothbrush and slide the back of it backwards & forwards over the Sinus area, after a while the vibration seems to loosen the congestion and I find it really helps....I know it sounds odd, but a couple of friends have also found it helps!!!

Yes I was given the toothbrush tip & it really works,

I also inhale (before using the toothbrush) with either Camomile (put tea bag n bowl of steaming hot water...towel over head & breathe in steam) works a dream.

Another good inhaler is the old fashioned Menthol & Eucalyptus ...obtainable in most pharmacies ...but you sometimes have to,push for it as the assistant usually says they don't sell it. Boots have it for £ & cheerful but it Works!

Anyone else not like this new layout?

My husband had sinus problems for many years but after starting to take strong D3 vitamine daily the problem has disappeared. I have also heard that people with chronic sinus infections can stop the inflammation cykle by eliminating dairy from their diet.

The meds probably do not make the situation easier since they weaken your immune system.

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