The postive side of RA drugs

Lying in bed last night I was thinking about Allanah's snoring (little did I know she was on sentry duty!!) Anyway it occured to me that since taking the drugs in Feb 2012 I no longer do/have the following:


clear my throat frequently

get woken up by my whistling through my throat

get as congested (nasal polyps are much more under control).

sleep with my mouth open

snoore as much if at all (obviously would have to verify this one!!)

use any form of inhaler to reduce wheeze

wheeze at all

So. some benefits of reduced inflammation more generally xx

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  • I completely agree with you Ronnie. I don't know whether this is just because I have looked after myself an awful lot better since RA began or whether it's because I've had a lot of systemic inflammation over the years, suspect a mixture of both - but I'm an awful lot healthier than I was 2 years ago when RA began. I also noticed that when I came off MTX and Hydroxy for a month I felt even less well because my scalp became intensely itchy and my stomach pain began. These continued once I was back on the MTX injections but it gave me a sense that I do need my immune system keeping down because it's very hyperactive I believe.

    Nice one! xx

  • well that is strange as my Asthma and hayfever are worse this year and i have had a load of steroids, but also lots of Humira, oh well i always have to be the odd one out , and thanks Ronnie for thinking of me as you were going to sleep, not sure if I should be flattered lol xx

  • Only worry if I start dreaming about you lol!!

  • Ye dreaming Alllanah......close the doors it's freezing here! Xx

  • Sleep whats that!!!!

  • Funny you should point that out. Coz it has dawn on me that my hayfever seems to have gone away!!!! Brill wonder if I got the hayfever back do you think the RA would bugger off. Oh I wish xxxx

  • If only, think we'd all prefer a runny nose and eyes to this malarkey!! Hey ho.....

  • Ye I am always the exception to the rule! Xx

  • Well my lovely one who snores !!!!! always has to be one. To be honest its usually its me xxxx

  • Maybe it's the hay fever causing the noise!! Xx

  • Could well be !!!!!!!!!!! xxx

  • Now if you could sneeze and snore at the same time you should be on BGT!! Think what you could do to further the cause of RA, Pudsey eat your heart out.......xx

  • I could go on but, I am a great singer! My karaoke is next to none, well after some wine!!

  • Loud snoring can also be a sympton of Sleep Apnoea. So take care and if concerned get an appointment at the Sleep Clinic.

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