Does anybody else have burning nasal passages?

I'm desperate to understand what causes the burning sensation in my nasal passages. Often it's the first sign of a nasty headache. I've consulted ENTs to no avail. I have some theories of my own: a side effect of biologics - a type of peripheral neuropathy?; allergic rhinitis? Sprays seem to help a bit but not the complete answer; caused by sjorgrens syndrome?

I anyone has any insights I'd love to hear from you, thanks.

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  • Hi , i find i can keep this under control with a saline nasel spray 2-3 times a day . I have read posts that say to use an antibiotic cream if you get broken areas which i have not had . If i skip a day or two things get worse so I think it must be working and its drug free !!!

  • Hello, I have sjogrens and RA. For the last year, the sjogrens symptoms almost surpass my RA. The worst, beside dry dry mouth, lips and eyes.. is how dry my nasal passages are. From the nostrils into the sinus, dryness could be causing a burning sensation. For me, I get very thick mucus and causes a very bad headache and sinusitis. But what I hate the most is when the mucus causes a post nasal drip. It is so bothersome, it gives my mouth a nasty taste and the thickened mucus won't move by blowing. So, I have to keep on top with prevention. I use saline nasal wash several times a day and Mucenix ( guaffesin) every day to keep mucosa thinned out. Lack of saliva really sucks!

  • Weathervane and Rafrancie, thanks so much. I don't know why it's always so helpful to hear others experience similar if not the same symptoms/reactions but it is! Making sense of RA and Sjorgrens is often the harder battle. As you say, worse than the RA as long as that's controlled. I'll stop the Beconnaise and restart the saline. See what happens. Thanks again.

  • I cant use the decongestants as it take beta blockers , it reduces the list of treatments you can try . Glad you have something that helps a bit 😀

  • I suffered with this very badly. As soon as I was given steroids, it resolved well, as did burning throat, urethral tube, etc. All inflammation in my case. Now on a cocktail that helps. x

  • Thanks Louise-a. How did you arrive at this cocktail - did your medics take an interest? Do you put it down to inflammation caused by RA, or something else?

  • The first consultant to give me steroids was for my salivary gland issues. That was when I had a really good response to multiple symptoms. I had seen a few rheumatolgists prior to that but only ever been given nasaids. As things progressed more things added, Plaquenil, Mtx, Extoricoxib, thyroid medication. I had RA on record but then told I do not have that, then sero negative arthritis. Now looking like MCTD , more tests to come. xx

  • Sounds like quite a journey. Thank you, I'm going to ask my Rheumatologist about my salivary glands as well as nasal passages, the two symptoms might be connected. Wouldn't it be simpler if we all reacted the same way to everything 😉

  • Good luck. Yes it has not been easy. Auto immune far too complex. If your bloods throw out the answers it makes life much easier. I use a nose gel that helps too, recommended by a wonderful rheumatologist who used to treat me for Sjogrens. xx

  • If you have the name of that handy I'd be grateful. Thanks Louise-a X

  • by neil med and called Nasogel. There is a spray too but I prefer the gel. xx

  • I have that too. I also get hard scabs up my nostrils that are very painful. I use s nasal irrigation when it gets so bad. I was wondering if the RA was to blame

  • Ouch, scabs sound really uncomfortable. We're a tough bunch to take this sort of thing in our stride - along with everything else. Thanks Reikimaster

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