have a phone call tommrow (16th may)from the local job centre cos they changing the way benifits have to be done, fair enought lv nothing to hide, but why do l feel like lm being pick on! in a perfect world ld have a job dispite my RA but theres no jobs l didnt ask for RA, YET L LIKE MANY OTHERS COULD LOSE MONEY, we all know there are people who findle the system, but they seem to get away with it, now lm waiting for the call and l feel as if lm being treated like a crinamal, l read somewhere the govemement will save 2billlion by reducing benifits, but how many will suffer, As always the weak will suffer and the bankers n other fat cats will still have their cream, l read the other day a footballer earns 100,000+ how wrong is that, l'll keep you inform how its goes, but lm not looking forward to it already feel ill thinking bout it and lv done nothing wrong so unfair

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  • I agree with all you say Beaker, its not fair and it does appear that sometimes those that are truthful and legimate are an easier target than those that shout and scream and demand. You have done nothing wrong and i wish you all the positivity in the world that it goes the way you want it to go.

  • Good luck Beaker and try not to get too stressed. I had to go to the Jobcentre a couple of weeks ago and got myself so worked up I was almost in tears by the time I sat down. As it happened the advisor was lovely and he really helped me. The best of it is, this time last year I was working at the Jobcentre carrying out fortnightly job reviews. Funny how things turn out! x

  • Ive had no end of trouble with my local job centre, got appointed a disability 'adviser' last july and told her id been refused DLA, she told me i had no choice but to go on jobseekers, even though i have no idea what kind of job im capable of doing any more. So for the past 10 months ive been taking myself off to the jobcentre and signing on with the youth that makes us proud to be british (ha ha) being almost forced to apply for jobs some of which were ridiculously unsuitable. I went to see my adviser on monday and she told me i could apply for employment support allowance until i got my RA under control but even then that was only after i broke down in tears! I know they have a job to do and i know its good to get as many people back in work as possible but surely they can spot the dossers from the ones that really need help?

    Good luck with everything x

  • You should appeal against the dla. If you appeal you should get it and it is not related to whether you work or not,and it has nothing to do with the job centre.


  • Thankyou slyvi will give it a try although it was a while ago now, still nothing ventured and all that.....

  • I hope the call goes well and in your favor and then you can feel a bit relaxed . I know I will have to have this happen to me at some time . but have had RA for so many years (20) and then other health issues .And now my lungs are not working well at all. and now need a puffer as my grandson calls it . And having checks on my heart as RA can affect your heart after a long time . But I wonder if they use scare tactics, I got a Text message the other day saying that if I do not notify them of changes in my circumstances I can be prosicuted. !!! Then tells me to refer to the web site. My situation has not changed and unless they know something that I dont . . But it worried me at the time , but it a blanket message to all on benefit. Hope it goes ok tomorrow,

  • Ditto to what has been said before. All i can say is best of luck.xx

  • Ok, my advice would be when they ring take a seat and a deep breath.

    Answer their questions after giving it a some thought (they are paying for the call after all and you don't have to rush your answers) - be honest about your situation, questions are sometimes repeated in a different way further into the form they are filling in. It will be a standard set of questions which are designed to cover people who have other illnesses besides RA and not directed at you personally.

    You are right they are only doing their job (which they are lucky to have) - if you think about it probably some of them wouldn't be working there by choice but in view of the job front being so poor, they can't change their job.

    Physically fit people are in competition for any vacancies that there are so people with RA (or other illnesses) need extra help in finding a job. Ask the interviewer what they can do for you.

    Answer anything to do with your RA based on your worst day (we all know RA differs from day to day) what you did yesterday you may not be able to manage today.

    Let us know how it goes. It's ok to feel nervous we all do sometimes.


  • I'm so angry about the worry this is giving everyone. There's an important conference about poverty and disability in Bristol this weekend, people could message me if you want details.

    The system is increasingly unjust isn't it

  • Yes it is especially hard for people with RA whose symptoms may come and go and if you're a very truthful person then it's hard to focus on the worst days if you happen to be having a good day?

    Whatever happened to innocent until found guilty as in court? They should assume people are honorable not the cheats and just sniff out the cheats if they suspect anything dodgy later on. It's horrible that you are having to go through all this Beaker - they should know that if RA has been diagnosed by a rheumatologist the likelihood is that you aren't fit for work unless you feel you are? Good luck with the interview - just breath deeply and focus on the worst day as Judi advises. TTx

  • hi,this is first time on here,just wanted to say i was told 2 years ago had r/a,had to give up full time work [was manual] and after 6 months on the sick applied for esa but never got it,[have to depend on husband to keep me] well 2 years down the line still get nothing but have now had methxt added to rest of pills and am starting to feel human again,its been a long battle but who knows,maybe i will apply again now am feeling bit better[have always worked since i was 15,so i think i have done my bit] any way sorry to moan,and forgot to say i love the site and all take care x

  • grrrr.

    I had my benefit stopped a month ago, i was getting e.s.a but when i attended my medical i was deemed fit for work, bearing in mind im diagnosed with r.a which ive had for 27 years and depression i dont know how the dr came to that conclusion as i cried hysterically all through the medical (my husband had left me 2 weeks earlier).

    I have now been told i can claim jobseekers but must be available for work, i want to go back to work but i know im not ready, i will end up being really ill again if i go back to work too early.

    I have been living on £68 a month, how can that possibly help my condition, it makes me sick!

    Tina. x

  • hi tina ,poor you, you must be feeling so bad, can you appeal , how can you sign on saying your fit to work ,when your not fit to work thats what i want to know, the system is so unfair, like you i cant esa either,and the medi is so expensive,thank god for pre paid,i was 56p over the limit for free medi,what can i say, sue x

  • appeal Tina,they will then have to put you back on esa until the time they decide whether to let you stay on it or not. Get medical advice and send that to them as well. Bad timimg on your husbands part,i hope he didn't leave you because of the ra. I won't add anything further as i could. xx

  • Bless, makes my blood boil when generations of families are growing up having never worked and with little or no reason not to when people such as youself are put through the wringer. Appeal, appeal, appeal - seek assistance from CAB, mebbe NRAS etc. Hope the health stuff settles down and you can get this sorted soonest, see a solicitor (most offer free/cheap initial consult) and hopefully get some financial assistance from husband. Feel free to gripe on here, from what I have seen there isnt much that hasnt been experienced by someone on here and sometimes just the ear is enough to pick you back up...

  • My ESA got stopped too, the week before my diagnosis. I was told that to qualify the Dr at the medical needed to award 15 points, I got none? Considering I have been undiagnosed and in a lot of pain since June 2011 I wonder just who would qualify. I felt awful when working for DWP when people would come to sign on after being thrown off JSA and they were clearly unfit. I suppose I shouldn't talk about that though or I'll get myself into trouble with Big Brother. Currently I'm awaiting an appeal and while waiting my ESA still gets paid. Lord knows how I pay it back if I fail at appeal. Between the waiting times in the NHS and the lack of compassion from the DWP is it any wonder we struggle to beat depression. I feel better for that rant :-)

  • I have already appealed and lost that, while waiting for decision my money was dropped to £52 can anybody be expected to live on that?

    Paulywoo, what makes you think you have to pay the money back? you dont, well i never have been asked to pay anything back.

    I have my first appointment for jobseekers this afternoon, that should be fun. while trying to sort this out i was told by an advisor at the job centre not to declare my arthritis when trying to get a job, that would be fine if i didnt walk with a limp and my hands looked normal!!

    I applied for a crisis loan yesterday and was turned down because my d.l.a was due to go into bank, i havent had a payment now for a month which means more debt and unpaid bills.

    Its a good job im a strong person or this would just about finish me off.

    Sylvi, husband was fantastic for 6 years, the arthritis wasnt a problem for him but the depression was, he just couldnt cope with me shutting down.Hes 20 years younger than me so i dont really blame him for wanting a life with a fit, healthy woman more his age,although there was nobody else involved with the break up. perhaps i was deluded thinking i could keep him. (lesson learnt).

    Tina. x

  • thanks to you all, l waited in nevous and they did phone not in the morning as they said but at 7.30pm, to make sure l was who l said l was now lv have to wait for the form to fill in, god l feel like lm trail, but they already judge me and pass sentance, l'll keep you all inform of what happens

  • Honestly it makes me so cross. I have worked since I was 15 & always payed my taxes N. I . etc I to have R.A . I'm appealing against being put on E.L.A after talking to my GP & Consultant. I was diagnosed 5 years ago & know I am not fit to work. You are made to feel like a criminal for being ill. There is a shame attached to claiming what you are entitled to which is awful.Sadly depression is sometimes part of the illness. This system does little to help the situation. Tatlim I have every sympathy for your troubles its hard to cope when you are ill. I really wish you well in more ways than one. Best wishes Dancingqueen xx

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