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I was sitting here after lunch thinking i might settle down and have a sleep,when the phone rings and it is craig from walsgrave hospital asking about blood tests. He wanted to know if i had a blood form and what was on it.I told him and he said i need to get some done asap. So i told him to give us an hour and we would be over there. He told hubby where to park and wait as i wouldn't be long. I went up to the admittance ward where he was and he took me down to the path lab and we jumped the queue and he got all the bloods done that i need for next week. I'm not sure yet if i will get in any earlier or not. It was very quick if you ask me. From leaving home to getting back home only took an hour. I mean how many of you have been seen at a hospital that quick..

Well if you see a quick notice saying i'm going in early know you'll know why. I wait with baited breath.

In that time i even managed to go into one of the shops and got a lovely new pink handbag into the bargain and a union jack shawl,very nice too.


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Wow an hour to get all that done, thats pretty good going.

Will keep my fingers crossed that you get in a bit sooner than expected, but least things are moving along well.

You will be wondering every time the phone rings!

All the best



That's great Sylvi - so hope it all goes brilliantly for you from today onwards! TTx


that was good Sylvi and to throw in a bit of shopping as well, must be a record. Hope everything next week goes just as well


Good luck, hope all goes fast and smooth x


Fabulous news Sylvi or should I call you tinky winky with your new pink handbag? Not long now x


Wouldn't it be great if every appointment was so quick.

You must be feeling elated (<- spelling ?) at least you know now that your op should be going ahead soon.

Judi xx


Thank you all,it was such a surprise. The handbag was a brilliant find and the scarf/shawl whatever you want to call it was lovely, my daughter will like the scarf but she will have to get her own when i'm in. I have had a goodnights sleep but i ache today. Never mind its only 7days to go.

Hope you all have a lovely day



Good luck Sylvi, hope all goes well with your op. I love it when my consultant app's go like that. Sometimes I wonder if I'm getting special treatment, I no sooner sit myself down in the waiting area and the consultant pops his head out the door and waves me in. Maybe this special treatment comes after many years attending and feeling like one of the family or maybe it's because the damage is done to us oldies and there's not much they can do for us! lol

Anyway good luck, enjoy your pink bag and scarf.

Beth xx


Very speedy service thats great news x


Couldn't quite believe it myself. He just rang and i said we could get within the hour and he told me to come up to the ward and then he took me down and we jumped the queue and he stayed with until i was done and he made sure that they got off straight away. Now i'm wondering if i'm going to get an early call,fingers crossed. ss


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