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Hi All....My first blog! Hope your doing well. I was just wondering if any of you have had to take injections abroad before? I have to do a daily injection and have been instructed by my doctor to take them with me to greece....getting them there will be fine as english secuirty will be able to read my letter from the hospital but was wondering if I should contact the airline before? And what should I do with my used needles on the way home...I think that might be a complicated conversation to have with somebody in a different language! Any suggestions/ personal anaecdotes would be greatly appreciated - Thank you :). X

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Hi Sian

Welcome to Health Unlocked!

I have regularly taken Enbrel injections with me to European destinations. Will you need to keep them cooled? If so you will need to take a small cool bag and ice packs to keep them at the correct temperature. It is worth checking with the airline as I was stopped from taking mine, even with the letter! They are not obliged to carry the needles in the cabin and if the syringes are pre-filled you could be snookered (too cold for meds in the hold). I ended up leaving mine at the airport.

You should be able to get a travel bin for your needles and this should be disposed of safely, through a clinic or hospital where you are staying. Alternatively, the travel bin and contents could be put in the hold luggage without any difficult discussions with the Greeks!! :)

Have a lovely holiday, very envious, I love Greece!

Lyn x


Perhaps I should just add, I was only stopped the once every other time (dozens!) I have had no problems. BUT now I always check before I go!

Lyn x


welcome Sian

lyn-w is the resident long serving advice provider.. she has covered it brillantly as always



Welcome Sian, I have also been abroad several times with my injections carrying them in my hand luggage with a letter from my consultant.

I would imagine this is an every day occurrence especially with people having diabetes etc, I would also contact the airline just to clear up any other matters for yourself or check their web site.

Lyn as given you all the advice you need really i just wanted to reassure you that it can be done without any problems.

Take care

mandy xx


Hi Sian,

Welcome to site. I have travelled with my humira and as Lyn says small ice packs and travel pack. Abbott labs supply for humira. I dropped my used syringes into the local chemist in Portugal, not sure if would be same in Greece but am sure it would be. I handed letter and pack to security people and there was no problem, but that was in Dublin, so not sure what protocal is in U.K. Anyway, happy holidays!



Hi Sian. Welcome. I have been abroad with my diabetes injections. Had to have in my hand luggage as medication needed to be with me all the time. i didnt have a problem at all. If you go to your gp they can give you a sharps box and this can be carried in your suitcase on way home so you wont have to worry about used needles and then taken to gps when box is full. Dont put medication in your suitcase though as this can have very low temperatures and actually freeze medication so wont work properly. Thats what the airlines have told me before anyway. Good luck and have a great holiday. Jules x


Thanks all...very helpful and comforting! First holiday with injections and only with my boyfriend so wanted to make sure everything would be ok! I'm only 17 and thought it could look a bit strange! Did the airports not raise any problems with taking your sharps bin in your suitcase?

Thanks for the holiday wishes....are any of you off anywhere this summer? Xx


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