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New here, just wanted to say Hi

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Im newly diagnosed two weeks ago & am four days into treatment of MTX & hyroxy. Feeling realy tired, got the most awful pounding headache, nausea not a problem today.

Ive had painful hands/ fingers, knees for about 5/6 years the drs took blood tests & positive for RA factor but nothing ever done until I moved to here in Oxfordshire. My new Dr took my problems seriously & referred me to a Rheumatologist end of Jan.

Soon as I came back from hosp found your site & have been reading up on things & following you blogs, finding your advice to others really helpful. Thank you.

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Hello Riedenise and welcome to you. :) I am so glad your GP has wasted no time in referring you and hope you soon begin to feel the benefit of your meds.

Take care.


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Hi Riedenise welcome :-) . I am also new to this site & have posted my second blog today. The people on here are so helpful & when you are feeling low its nice to read other peoples blogs that will make you smile or cry. Hope you feel a little better soon . Keep blogging . Xx Alison

welcome to this wonderful site, i was diagnosed at the bringing of September and since then i have made so many friends on this site, which i know you will to, i have received great advice and support from them all, i also live in Oxfordshire it's a town called banbury, I'm sure you have heard of it, I moved here 7 years ago from London, Well take care and look forward to reading your blogs XX

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sylvi in reply to shirlthegirl

Banbury is not far from bulkington shirl. I have ben to banbury a couple of

Welcome to the site we are a mixed bag of people and we are always willing to help where we can if you ever need us. Please feel fre to moan and groan and share anything that is good that has happened to you as we all enjoy good news. Anything funny always helps as sometimes it is only the humour that gets us through.

So welcome and i look forward to hearing more form

Thanks to you all for the welcome, I live in Carterton so not far from either of you at all. I do have a question though , Im Asthmatic also & have noticed since yesterday my peak flow has dropped a little, so Ive upped my inhalers as the Asthma nurse has said but just wondered is it down to the meds do you think or just my asthma?

Hi Riedenise,I too am new here although was diagnosed nearly 17 years ago.I'm sure like me you will find lots of support here.Pleased your new doctor took you seriously,now you will get the treatment you need. xx

I used to live in Oxford so hello ! And have been treated for RA since 1999 - i have asthma. I've never had this reaction but don't take chances with asthma, it's good you're keeping an eye on peak flow.

Hi and welcome to the site hope you keep blogging

Karen x

Hi & welcome from me too :) I was only diagnosed mid December 2012 so am new to the site also & have found as others have said, some stories make you cry others make you laugh but they all make you realise you're not alone!! Hope the meds do the trick. Heather x

I'm sure you will gain support, ideas & information from this site, as we all do. Good luck

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