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A more exciting blog!!!. first aider.. exciting day

Had a bad night friday night.. but suddenly realised on saturday my 3 library books on arthritis needed renewal! at 3pm.. library closed at 4pm.. got in car and set off..

drove past bus stop and saw my two non driving friends./ neighbours waiting for bus// no their not elderly just dont drive!,I stopped and asked were they were going weavers shop..they said.. its a carpet place not far from me and on my route. hop in I said.. dropped then off... set of got to library then in pain so stopped at closing down garden to get drink and take tablets.. had already maxed out on ant inflams for the day so it was down to straight painkillers so i took one codydramol and one paracetamol cos of driving need to be alert to drive so two co-cydramol not good idea.. had a cappucinio and a glass of water and a rest.. noticed out of the corner of my eye two people at another table but was more concerned with taking pain killers so didnt pay much attention.. saw chap go out side.. left some of my drink as too hot as told my friends by text i would be about 20 min..

Went outside man was collapsed on floor making wheezing sounds.. silently crying.. I went up to him can you hear me etc.. breathing bad.. some garden centre staff came out.. I rand 999 on mobile.. ambulance please.. this took a length of time.. the call centre is out of county.. had to assess the patient over the phone.. gave full location instructions the person had no local geographical knowledge.. stayed calm .. trying to calm him age managed to get him to tell me christian name and age... was still on the phone describing location.. to the distant call centre.. when it arrived.. she asked me if there was a defribilator handy.. honestly.. some large public places have one.. but not small garden centre.. think they read from a flow chart?

yes the patient was clammy and struggling to breathe but was not having a heart attack.. his partner said he had a fractured rib.. suspect he might have bundled out of hosp Accident and Emergency dept with that diagnosis?. but the rib had moved and entered the lung? but as I am not a doctor cant comment

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Well done you thank goodness you were on hand to help the man. When I had my fall quite a crowd gathered as if I was a spectator sport. My daughter told them to get lost (she was upset). Luckily for me an off duty nurse was in the car park and looked after me until ambulance came and her sister called the ambulance and comforted my daughter. Never had chance to thank her properly too busy floating on gas and air. Anyway once again well done.


Gosh, what a lot of exitement on a trip to the library! Well done to you, so many people just freeze in emmergency!


I hope someone like you is around if the same should happen to myself


ps i think every garden centre should have a full on crash team ( lol )


Well done Alison, poor chappie. Yes I agree garden centres should have a full on crash team, especially you go through the tills and they tell you how much it all comes to, enough to give anyone a funny turn. No seriously though, wouldn't it be great if a lot more places had this sort of thing, when time is of the essence? Instead of sending billions of pounds of the country...

Nice one Ali

Julie xx


Wow, you have been busy this weekend!!

I had to send Alison a direct message yesterday morning when I accidently overdosed on my meds! she replied swiftly giving great advice, calmed me down and then went onto give me her contact numbers incase I needed them :)

Thank-you very much again for your help, I feel a tad silly now and not so woosy! I feel okay today but yesterday was also my MXT day on top of all the other stuff and baby Amy up all the previous night, gosh I was completely on an another planet last night!

We read your blog, sounds like he was very lucky you were there ;)

Hope you have a good week Alison, was great to have had your support :) xx

ps. Still smiling at Julies reply :)


Where would we be without you!! Such a caring person Alison, was only last week you stopped for that lady in the road, they must wait for you to come along.

Sorry for late reply hope your sleeping and feeling better.

Mandy xx


yes but unfortunaley sleeping in the afternoon too! when the steroids wear off.. in having a false recovery for a few hours in the morning after bad fridasy night the steroids were upped from 10mg to 12mg.. you can im on a steroid upper due to increases blog acitiviity and the facct im saving the world sinlge handed.. any one else need any help.? xx. im going to wear blue over pants and and a red cape.. aka lynda carter wonder woman .

any way to top it all rescued an injured great tit from the mouth of my youngest bad cat and 20 miles plus to animal rescue centre on sunday night!!! aaagh


steroids upped by me!! they havent improved my typing unfortunately !!


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