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Another operation

Some of you might remember I had a wrist synovectomy about a month ago - the aim was to tidy up the joint, shave down the ulna bone and try to protect my tendons.

It all seemed to go really well, my recovery appeared to be pretty good and I'd gone back to work after a month off and started driving again but then my hand started to swell and unfortunately the extensor tendon of my little finger ruptured.

So I'm back to hospital on Tuesday for tendon repair followed by another lengthy recovery period - although such a backward step is devastating I'm pretty pragmatic about the whole thing, this is the hand I've been dealt so I wil have to find a way to deal with it.

The plan is to repair rather than replace the tendon with an artificial one and then maybe remove some of my ulna head to protect the fix up job.

Here's hoping it goes well!

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Well done on your positive outlook! I just want to wish you well for Tuesday and hope you have a speedy recovery.

Paula x


That's a pity but there is no sure things in sugary. I had ankle op in oct, ankle fine now, but have new arch pain. Feel awful with more pain, but the arch pain not as bad as the fallen ankle was.

Stay positive, Gina.


You are being very brave RM and I hope it all goes as well as possible once you've had the corrective surgery on Tuesday. TTx


Ouch, that must be so annoying to start again with another surgery. Well good luck and thinking of you. Axx


RM, you are an inspiration to us as you don't seem to worry about having another op.Good luck to on tuesday and i hope this time it is more successful.



Thanks all for your lovely comments - I'll try to keep you posted! xx


As I said in our PM, it sounds like you will have some of the type of surgery I had in March, particularly the ulnar bone resection. but I am having very little limitation and it continues to get stronger, so I'm sure yours will too. My strongest recommendation is for the OT after.

Try not to use the wrist and fingers too soon, other than the OT therapy. and that will be a trial with 2 little ones at home! Maybe you can spend most of post-op relaxing in the sun! Will be thinking of you tomorrow. Love, Loret


What a shame when you were doing so well. Hope your family are all rallying round to help afterwards so you rest the wrist properly. Take care. Pollyx


Such a shame about the 2nd operation hope it goes ok x


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