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washed out

the weathers been a bit better last few days but why do i feel so tired and washed out i spent yesterday in bed all day my body ached so much my ankles and feet felt like they were on fire i managed to drag myself out to go to the toilet disgusting as it sounds but the only thing that saw water was my hands after using the loo i dont feel that much better today but ive forced myself to do a few things but i still feel absolutely shattered i would love a nice hot bath but its just to painful to even try to get in as my knees and hips are really playing me up so ive made do with another shower but at least im clean and smell abit fresher for it

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Mildy,i don't know what to say to you,you really are suffering aren't you. You must get the doctors to take a look at you. You might even have to go to a&e and see if they can help you. Are you on any drugs for ra? Is there someone who can either take you to the doc/hospital as it sounds like you need help.

Hope you soon start to feel better.



I feel tired atthe moment too, maybe it's the season changes. Listen to your body is my advise and just rest, if it persists pop along to your Gp? Every ne is saying at the moment how tired they are honey.

Hope you feel more energetic in time, maybe a tonic like centrium 50 would help?

Xx Gina.


A shower helps me but if you're not up to this even, it's very hard.

Meds could be the issue - I'm feeling tired but that's because I'm overdue my anti tnf. I hope the lovely weather some of us are having extends to you

Cathie xx


thanks for your replies i had some tea with the husband and tried to get an early night the only problem was i was up most of it clock watching so still feel tired this morning and my joints are still aching the base of both thumbs and both knees are the worst im not due my methotrexate until saturday i had my enbrel on monday but that doesnt seem to have done much this week for me so its plenty of fluids and lots of painkillers i think today


Have you tried soaking your feet/ankles in cold water? (I found this has helped me) also with pain at the base of my thumbs I wrapped up mine in cold wet towels through the night and soaked them in the hand basin in cold water several times during the day.

Hope you are soon feeling better




Maybe you are coming down with something? i felt like that until I realised I had a cold virus also. I think the drugs we are on to a certain extent mask and make virus/infections come out much slower than they would in a person that is not immune compromised.

Go & see your gp, they maybe able to help.

Hope you get more energy soon

Sci x


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