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Routine 6 month review the other day, waiting for appointment for OT, and podiatrist. DLA claim to make?

Hello everyone, I had my routine 6 month review with Rhumy the other day, waiting for appointment for OT, and also podiatrist. Dr said I was also to start taking Sulphasalazine on top of 20mg MTRX to as I am still getting flares a few times a month, sometimes last a few days, sometimes last a week. Last time I was here I was saying how my last DLA claim was refused. I will try again, I think may be better when have been to see OT though. Like others have said here before, when I have good days i feel i should not try to claim, but when i get the bad days I feel so low and have in my head I should go ahead. I work full time (desk job), drive to work, go to gym a couple of times a week when up to it and although i manage most tasks myself, my biggest problem during a flare is my hands and feet. I can walk, but with pain and slowly, so should i really be applying?? I'm not sure what level to qualify. Any suggestions please. Oh, and Dr told me would be getting plints for hands, hope they will help during the night as I have been waking in pain at times. Hope you are all keeping well. Deb x

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Appeal,you should then get it. Get medical advice and also put it with you claim as well. Any amount they give you will help you. sylvi.xx


Hi Deb,

I would suggest that you get in touch with the Citizen's Advice Bureau, who will be able to assist with your DLA claim. I cannot give you explicit advice, but if you are having regular flares then it would make sense for you to explore your options in more detail with CAB, who can suggest the DLA rate to apply for.

As you may know DLA is changing and a new benefit will eventually replace it called the Personal Independence Payment. It might also be worth speaking to CAB to see how this change may affect you.

Best wishes,



Yes you should apply again and let them decide if you are entitled.i fill my forms in and say "on my worst days I can ...."you can then add on my worst days are 10out of 30 or whatever and also try and say on my good days I can... As long as you aRe honest then you should claim.think about how much differents it would make if you could pay for someone to do the ironing or cleaning.



Good advice from Jamie, enlist the help of someone trained in applying for this kind of benefit.

Also, when filling in forms for DLA it's important to paint a clear picture of your daily life good and bad and the help you need, make sure the person reading the forms can easily understand the difficulties you have and how you cope/NOT cope.

It's also worth talking to anyone who helps/supports you i.e. GP/consultant/OT or occ health at work, ask them to do a letter of support detailing any help they give, how and why! Include this with the application.

Good luck

Beth xx


Thank you all for your helpfull comments, I have got appointment now for hand therapy, will go to that and take it from there. Off work soon so will make appointment for CAB i think. I just can't seem to get my head around speaking to someone to help with the forms if i'm having a good day - i'm sure you all understand as we have good ones and very bad ones! I have started a diary, which i complete on bad days so i will refer to this when filling in the forms. Keep you all posted. Thanks again. Deb


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