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I was talking to someone here about Nuffield Hosp in Oxford a while ago and someone gave me someones name think a nice nurse???

If you could message me if this is the hosp you attend? Please my sister needs help!

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what is your sisters problem.?. im not a nice nurse but im a nice pharmacy person.. Can I help.. I can recommend Winfield glos.. went to the windfield hospital Gloucester Ramsay healthcare hosp twice in the last three months..

but as nhs patient. cos my hospital failinf waiting list targets. etc

Private hospitals employ more mature caring staff in general. you wont find many less than 35 years old.. no Im not saying that younger people can and dont care that is their employment preferred policy! they chose good people./ customer care skills from the applicants.. the difference in care is marked.. hope you find the nice nurse.. another plan ring hospital and speak to swichboard to try and locate the nice nurse. with as much info as you have. my nurses, aneathestists etc were so nice took in choccies and thank you card


I used to go to the Nuffield. The nurse in charge of the day unit, Caroline Jess is really wonderful, competent, knowledgeable and compassionate, and funny. Couldnt say too many good things about her.

Incidentally Nuffield is an NHS hospital. I'm a bit concerned about the previous post recommending private hospitals. Many of us cant afford this! We should be campaigning to get the most out of the NHS. I've been interrupted but will carry on later.

XX Cathie


Gina, I went to Nuffield for about eight years. If I can help your sister at all, please let me know. I'm not on twitter, but you could ask to be my friend on Facebook and then we could safely exchange emails? Just a bit reluctant to do this on this website. I shouldnt really have named wonderful nurse, I'm thinking but I was in a bit of a hurry this morning!

Its basically a good hospital, much improved since new building.


Thanks Cathie & Alison, I have texted my sister a combination of both advises (she does'nt have money for private care, with a bit of detective work reckon she could chat with nice nurse. She has had compressed discs for years, bursitis in hip???? Swollen toes joints, fallen arches, weak ankles, & now they have diagnosed severe arthritis in her knee, oh and in her pelvic bone! It was her toes, that made me suspect RA, they are very swollen on all the joints, She is just in such miserable pain & does'nt seem to be getting any help. Could she have RA, I don't know but theres a chance with so many joints involved? I have told her to get them to check for RA, but she is not very assertive:(


Dont worry, Nuffield is NHS not private. If your sister could get referred to the Nuffield by her GP, she should ask to see the consultant I mentioned in my email. The nurse I mention runs the day care unit for the anti-TNF medication, I hadnt realised that your sister wasnt quite there yet.

But the Nuffield is a very reputable hospital, its greatly improved since I went th ere. They went through a big refurbishment a few years ago, which coincided with my diagnosis. So for the first 3-4 years of me getting anti-TNF it was administered in a wartime prefab. Now its a purpose built new building and the various moves of the daycare have, I think, settled down.

Good luck, C


winfield ramsay healthcare takes some nhs patients i went there as a NHS PATIENT

I wish to Clarify this issue.. there base was originally just private.. the Nhs has been cotracting out work for a while in England.. Gloucester shire nhs is being dismantled and staff are going to be share holders?? great to read it in the local paper rather than heear from officaial channels.. it has been failing as trust for years in my opinion.. disclaimer


I understood that Summer don't worry. xxx


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