Hi, I`ve not posted on here for a while,Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction. Because of my RA in my right foot my toes

have become deformed.This has caused my foot to be wider,I am now unable to fit into my shoes. ive been squashing my feet into a pair of trainers,does anyone know where I could get wider fitting shoes?

I`ve tried Clarks and other high st shops but no luck.

Regards Tom

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  • Hi Tom

    I have the same problem. I had to go up a shoe size to accomadate the changing shape of my feet when I was diagnosed last year. Most high street stoes do wide fit footwear now for women but not sure about mens shoes !

  • Hello

    I need special shoes, all I can suggest is go to the GP and ask for a referral to the PODIATRIST, after checking your feet, You may be able to be supplied with special fitted shoes under the NHS. You will be pleased with the designs as there is a good selection, they repair mine as well, Contact GP


  • My rheumy referred me to the hospital orthotics department. I had two pairs of shoes fitted and could get them repaired/replace free whenever I needed to. They have a catalogue and a choice of shoes to select from. Failing that, try Hotter shoes or Cosyfeet: cosyfeet.com/

    who specialise in wider fitting shoes/boots/slippers and socks for men and women.

  • Thank you all for your replies, I'll look in to some of the suggestions.......cheers!

  • hi..i had some made for me by the hospital but they came up too big and not comfortable..i know others who have said the same....the best ones i have found are hotter shoes...they do a wider fit which is great and although not cheap they last me years x

  • Hi

    I have never posted before, but watch with interest.

    After 14 years with RA and being ignored for first 6 years when said main problem was pain and deformity of feet, I now have extremely wide and damaged feet.

    I have been very successful in sourcing up to 8e wide shoes from widerfitshoes.co.uk. They are very helpful and I would recommend you order a couple of widths and styles to find what suits as they are very accommodating over returns. Their shoes are not cheap, but they have a sale on at moment.

    I have found their house shoes a good substitute for slippers as they give more support and if pushed (on a dry day!!) you can get away with wearing them out on occasions when feet particularly swollen or painful.


  • Thank you! I will certainly look at there web site.

  • Hello Tom

    Have a look at hottershoes.com who do wider fittings. They're pricey, but very good quality.


  • I also have trouble finding shoes to fit my deformed feet. I do think it is important to be referred to a podiatrist for specialist insoles to prevent the feet getting worse..... flat feet seems to come with the RA. I live in trainers which seem to be the only things to accommodate the thick insoles he gave me. .However, did go to a private physiotherapist, recently, who sold me insoles that are much thinner. Down side is that they cost me £200!!! But I am able to wear other shoes. The podiatrist advised me on the sort of shoes I should wear.

  • Thanks to everybody who has offered advice.

  • I use widerfitshoes shoes as another poster mentioned. I always find they fit well and will take my hospital orthotics. Mind you none of my size in the sale :(

  • The podiatrist gave my a couple of catalogues - widerfitshoes.co.uk & cosyfeet.com - she also suggested Ecco & Hotter shoes as having suitable fittings.

    It would be worth you seeing a podiatrist anyway for help with the deformities. I saw a NHS one who was useless - gave me a lecture about not wearing high heels, as if I have been able to! - before even taking a history and discovering that I have RA. But the one I have recently seen privately was very professional and useful.

  • Hitiesello

    Many years saw me wearing soft sandals, summer//winter. Eventually the hospital got very concerned as I was walking around in ice and snow. and they supplied adapted shoes that they repair when needed.

    These shoes opened up a new world for me and allowed a new life in activities I had forgotten about


  • Try hotter shoes ! I'm wearing rocket dogs - sugar daddy ! As they are wider than most others ! Sorry your suffering with your feet ! I know what it's like take care

  • My feet have been pretty much the same from day one of RA starting last year. I've left it this long to do anything about it,hoping with medication they would get better. Sadly got worse! Thank you all for your kind words......Tom

  • I've had trouble with footwear all my life because of my RA. I have had shoes made for me at the hospital - but they are, in my opinion, quite hideous. (I'm a woman and I would like my shoes to look reasonably nice!) Hotter shoes, although lovely, I've found to be still too narrow and also the leather not stretchy enough. I love Cosyfeet though - they use lots of different fabrics, do extension straps for most shoes/boots, prices are reasonable (plus VAT exemption for most) - and I can't wait to get a pair of their new boots - called Pixie!

    I do have to have my feel regularly attended to by podiatrists too.

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