i want to chop my hands off!

Hi all, just feel like screaming at the mo. both hands are throbbing and been up most of the night saying ow! Went to see my specialist nurse at Rheumy on Monday as keep flaring and asked for steriod injection but she upped my MTX and said come back in 6 weeks. I am working full time as well so its pretty difficult. I whish i could put my hands in a draw and put them back on when they feel better LOL!!!! I hate this illness especially as no one can see the pain but i can sure as hell feel it.......

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  • Sorry to hear your suffering so much, it's something that effects us all from time to time unfortunately, I've not been suffering long enough to help you out but all I can say is what I do and that is to use guillotine to chop my hands off as it is quicker and makes a straight cut lol, not really I take plenty painkillers put gloves on and sit on them lol.

    I hope the pains go PDQ. OH YES I SCREAMMMMM TOO


  • I understand how you feel, only it's my neck and I want to scream. I'm so fed up with pain. Clemmie

  • i know how you feel ..mine are the same ...feels like someone has smashed them to a pulp with a hammer...nothing you do helps...luckily i am not working and i dont know how you manage to when hands are so bad...its doesnt help that its invisible either and people really cant understand the pain you feel....i hope it passes soon for you xx

  • Hi Bossy, it's the worst isnt it. I am glad the nurse increased your meds as it will be better in the long term I feel.

    But for just now have you tried firstly taking Regular painkillers? Also running them under hot water helps for a bit of relief. You can also buy a warm wax hand bath, they r lovely and keep your hands soft.

    Also you can buy arthritis gloves which might be good at work, and are supportive. Your work can help if you ask for example for voice activated computers etc. also ask the Rheumy nurse if you can see the occupational therapist, they gave me splints to help me work and lovely resting splints.

    Hope you feel better soon. Axx

  • Hi allanah. Where do you get the warm wax hand bath from, is it loccitaine?

  • Just got one from Amazon( not promoting them! ) bath and wax, it's a bit ago but have a look

  • Oh you poor thing, I was exactly the same a year ago so I understand your pain and frustration. As other people have suggested, the things that helped were, warm water and arthritis gloves (although I found it too painful to wear them all the time), but I did practically spend the whole winter wearing finger less gloves whilst indoors, with bigger, thicker gloves on top whenever I went out. A steroid injection was the only thing that gave complete relief at that time.

    Different things work for different people and I do truly hope you find some relief soon, this is a horrible, nasty, painful disease and nobody understands unless they've experienced it.

    Best wishes and gentle hugs to you,

    JoJo x

  • Poor you. Lots of hugs and sympathy coming your way but very little in the way of practical advice other than what has been given.

    Do you have splints? Along with the usual wrist guard type splints the OT can make a 'resting splint' for you to wear at night which is like a moulded piece of net from wrist to finger tips to keep you hand in a good position. Mine also made some softer neoprene supports for driving, general activities etc. It may be worth making a few enquiries.

  • Oh I haven't heard of those splints, i do have the wrist guard ones but they don't help your fingers unfortunately. I hate those as well as they make my wrists really hot due to the metal strips and the material. They do their job though when wrists are flaring. i will look into those gloves and treat myself to a hand wax as well. thanks for the advice

  • Hi, sorry to hear about your hands...my knees are the worst for me and the pain sometimes in my legs is almost unbearable...you are right it is a dreadful complaint. Someone has bought me a hot wax "thingie" for Christmas...I'm really looking forward to using it. I heat up hot water bottles to keep problem areas warm..I put it on my feet every morning then when they are warm I take socks of hot radiator put them straight on then the warm slippers. It's a routine I do every morning and it does seem to help keeping them warm...it must be very hard when you are working full time...I feel for you I hope the extra MTX helps. What amount are you on? Maryx

  • I was going to advise the wax hand bath, but someone beat me to it. :-) . Anything that keeps your hands warm without putting pressure on them really. Sending gentle hugs and hope your hands soon improve. xx

  • I was going to advise the wax bath too! seems that great minds think alike. I know I love getting my hands in the hot water in the kitchen sink in the morning as heat does relieve a bit. The arthritis gloves sound great too, and I know you can get mini gel hand warmers too which might be quite good to have at work.

  • Yes my hands are like that too. Hope you get sorted soon

  • So sorry your in such pain, I have lots of pain just now, my feet are worst but hands are catching up and with other joints joining in the party it's pretty miserable I do hope the increased meds help you soon

    Jen x

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