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I went this morning to pain clinic and was told there was nothing more they can do for me. They can increase my Gabapentin from 100gms to 200gms and if need be the GP can increase it to 300gms, after a time period. So we sat talking about things in life in general. That was it i could have saved myself the trip.The clinic nurse says i've tried everything else they have to offer at an early time, years ago.She said i cope with the pain very well and to keep it up. I asked about MRI on my spine to see if it had deteriated further and she said to ask Rhuemy when i see them again.

THats it then hope you are pain free wishful thinking on my part.


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  • Chris it is so hard isn't it when you in pain all the time. I am sending you a lovely gentle hug from me to you.xxxxx

  • Hi fastball, you sound disappointed. It seems strange that you are feeling the pain but the nurses perception was that you are coping well with it. I dont know it that made you feel good that you are doing what you can or sad that you are now at the top of what they can do.

    Do discuss it with your rheumy to see if they have any more suggestions. However I found in my experience of the gabapentin when I increased it , the benefits were enormous, I really for the first time in a while felt sort of on top of it and that was a lesson to me, i wasnt managing my pain the way it sounds like you have according to the nurse. So i now do ensure i take the pain killer regularly as prescribe.

    I still do get pain of course and am wondering in my case if its due to muscles or ligaments now as well as RA? So we should probably both have chats with our rheumies!

    hope you have a better day after what sounds like a disappointing appointment for you. xxxA

  • Allanah thank you for that i do try and stay up beat where the pain is concerned. I would like to think there is more help i can get if needed. If there isnt then i will try and make do with what i can get.I will talk to Rhuemy when i go and see what they say.I do take my pain relief regularly but it doent take much to cause pain , so i have to manage what i do at any one time.

    I hope you get something sorted for yourself, sending hugs for you.


  • Hi Chris,

    This is a subject very close to my heart at the moment because you've just had one pathway closed to you without necessarily being given any alternative routes to try and I think it is appalling that you have not been automatically transferred back to your G.P for further help.

    I'm sorry but I just think it is not good enough to send people home without any hope of improvement and it is not acceptable to suggest that pain is ok for you because you cope with it well.

    Go back to your G.P with a list of how your pain impacts on your day to day life physically and emotionally. If your spine is the main problem then ask to be re-referred to the spinal consultant so that you can discuss your options with him/her. Don't wait patiently for your next rheumatology appointment, ring them and request an earlier appointment with the specific aim of discussing pain control.

    There may be other options, physio, injections, change of meds, help with weight loss etc etc (if you need it) or even surgical intervention. Please ask your G.P. to help you with this. My heart goes out to you.


  • sorry to heat that I hope you get some relief soon some how X

  • thank you for your replies. The GP has already tried to get my Rhuemy appointment brought forward as it was changed to after Christmas. No luck so far.My GP is very supportive and does do a lot to help me, i have back up pain killers which i take if and when needed .

    Sending you all hugs and hope you get some pain free time XXX


  • I'm glad to hear that you are getting good support from your GP Chris. I hated the thought of you walking away from that pain clinic with no one to turn to. xxxxxx

  • Oh am feeling for you tonight, hope u manage to get settled to rest up xx

  • Hi Chris,

    I'm sorry that you're having so much pain and that more help isn't being offered:-(

    I do hope that you are able to get some better answers from your rheumy/ spinal surgeon / GP etc.


    Cece x

  • Hi Chris truly sorry that you had an appointment today that was of no help at all. Surly you must have options, I think i would be asking GP and rheumy for more advise. xxx

  • I am so sorry to hear about your pain. It is very hard when no one seems able to help you. Like scouser I hope your rheumy can help.x

  • Pain is such a terrible thing...we try to cope but often I find that I am not...really sorry to hear about your last visit to clinic. I was on gababentine for a while it helped greatly I was on 900mg a day but I found I put on so much weight, which didn't help my knees. I am very lucky I have a wonderful doctor who I see every Saturday....I'd wish for you the same...I really hope you get some respite soon honey...thinking of you. Maryx

  • Sorry to hear thcagt you had such a disappointing visit. I like was taking 1200mg of Gabapentin per day and l like Trulyfedup piled on the weight, and to be perfectly honest they did not do much for me in the way of pain relief. Unfortunately nothing is helping with that to date. I have my first pain management appointment on Monday, maybe I should stay at home and keep warm if your outcome is what I have to look forward too.

  • Thanks for reply, we are not all the same so hopefully you get a better out come. I hope i dont put weight on as COPD consultant told me i was obese, trying to lose it .now. Have lost 7lbs up to now


  • Thanks everyone for replying. I will ask Rhuemy when i see her .

    Hugs to everyone and best wishes


  • I'm very sorry to hear about this too. One set of issues I've become aware of recently is how pain can alter the way you use your body. I've been doing taiji and realise that my body doesnt do the things I want it to so much, so the gentle exercises train you to reopen those mental pathways. Where this relates to you is that pain can make things worse so its really important to tackle that before you start getting falls and things like that. The medics might respond to that - sort of preventative medicine. I do hope the pain lifts a bit, it is so wearing.

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