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I have recently been diagnosed with RA by Professor D Cruz at the Lupus unit at St Thomas'. As he specialises in lupus and APS he said I might be better going to a rheumatologist who specialises in RA.

I was hoping to be referred to a hospital more local to me (I live in Gloucestershire) until I read reviews about the hospital and patients rarely getting to see the consultant. As I understand the first year after a diagnosis of RA is very important. I am looking for a hospital which hopefully someone with RA has had good experiences of. UCLH sounds as though it has a good rheum department for RA from what I've read and from the survey results, but I'm just wondering if anyone from the forum can give a bit more information about their experience there and if they can recommend a particular rheumatologist as they seem to have a lot!

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Hi Kay,

My rheumatologist is based at the Royal Free but lectures at UCLH and may practice there too, I'm not sure. His name is Dr. Kaul and I think he's great. Dr. Kaul diagnosed me and I have seen him for 4 years now. I have been living in Dubai during that time and he has also worked with my rheumatologist here to see that I get the best care. Good luck with it Kay.

Sarah x

Hi Sarah

Thanks so much for your reply and for the recommendation. I shall certainly look him up.


Can i just ask Ive heard about DR Cruz and St Thomas hospital. Is it very expensive to have an appointment with him?

I saw Professor D'Cruz on the NHS at St Thomas' but I think he works privately at London Bridge Hospital.

Oh ok thank you for replying :-)

watson3 in reply to collette

Sorry I cant advise as I live outside the area.. but I wish you good luck

I go to the Great Western Hospital in swindon and I have no complaints about the rheumatology team there. I have an appointment with the consultant at least every 6 months and a routine appoinment with the nurse practitioners inbetween (when I was going through a bad patch I had an appoinment with the consultant every month). There is a helpline number which you can leave a message on and they come back to you the same day. I have always managed to get and emergency appoinment within a few days (and several times the same day) with the nurse practitioners when I have needed one.

Might be a bit closer and easier than trecking up to london.


bpeal1 in reply to bpeal1

P.S. I see Dr Williamson

Hi, my local surgery comes under Guildford Hospital and the team there are brilliant.

One of the consultants also works at my own surgery two days a week but I only stumbled on the fact by accident!!! So I am so lucky that I just go to see her if I have any issues. Good luck, Jan

Many thanks everyone for taking the time to reply and for all the help and information. x

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