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Stating the "bleeping" Obvious?

Right then, my brain is working over time at the moment. It's like a car that hasn't quite got the timing right and far from being foggy, it is running too fast, to the point where I still can't think straight! You just can't win....

Any road up. Reading Beep's blog. You know RA affects the joints (I did say stating the obvious!), well, if you already have OA wear and tear, which I did have in my wrist and knee, all the RA drugs aren't going to help that is it? So you need anti-inflammatories on top of the RA drugs, but how do they know if you are getting OA if they are not checking for this, or are you then just treated as a job lot of arthritis. Am I making sense. because I am not making sense to me. If I had time this morning I would have a butchers on the internet to get the the nitty gritty of the differences.

It was Beep's (and others have mentioned) that they are taking anti-inflammatories, as well as the RA drugs, because my doctor always said that the drugs for each of OA and RA are completely different.

I have noticed over the last week that my "puffiness" in my knuckles is quietening down, like my ankles and knees, (which I think is due to the change in diet - hopefully) but I have noticed that I am getting a different pain in my knee and wrist which had the OA. It's that boney pain - do you know what I mean? as opposed to that all encompassing toothachey pain and throb, you get with RA? Or has my knee and wrist become damaged like in OA through the RA. Any way as I think I might just blow a fuse in a minute I had better use all this new found energy in picking up some eggies. Have the vet in at the moment for poorly calf this morning, touch of the bronchials methinks, so Mr Shepherd about and I promised I would try and get my botty in gear this morning because I am feeling quite well..

So there...

Look after yourselves everyone. Julie x

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Hi Julie

OA and RA are two entirely different diseases ... it's almost like having, say, asthma and an ingrowing toe nail, if you get my drift!

OA is a wear and tear disease of the joints which comes about, normally, as we get older and the stresses and strains on our joints start to take their toll. From my experience, usually OA is more a pain thing rather than swelling, although there may be some inflammation. Anti-inflammatories and pain relief are usually the way forward. Severe damage ultimately means joint replacement.

RA is not a joint disorder per se, it is an auto-immune disease which can attack the joints (therin any similarity between the two ends!) Inflammation is almost always present as the synovial membrane lining the joint becomes affected. There is also the pain (from the joints) and the fatigue (caused by the effects of the faulty immune system). The only way to tackle RA is to control the disease at base level, hence the disease modifying drugs; they don't work on the joints, they control the immune system to stem the over-activity that causes the problem in the first place. As a result of control the joints become less inflamed and less painful and the fatigue element should ease. It's worth noting that RA is systemic, it can affect other bodily parts and systems.

Anti inflammatories will help the symptoms of RA to some extent by controlling swelling (stop them and it will be back!). DMARDs will not help OA (they work on the immune system which isn't an issue in OA). RA generally affects smaller joints (although not always ... before you all yell at me!) such as those in the feet, hands, wrists etc. OA tends to be the bigger joints such as hips, shoulders and knees. Yes, I have RA in my knees too ... !

The best way of establishing particular joint issues is through X-Ray/MRI and if certain joints are causing problems this, I would think, is the way forward. I take anti-inflammatories and steroids to help control symptoms whilst alternative treatments are considered.

Hope the poorly calf isn't in too much discomfort and soon feels better. Hope you are in gear but letting the clutch out slowly ... you know what happens when you let the clutch out too quickly? Yep, you stall! (My I'm bright today, that makes a change! I quite like that analogy, I will put it to good use :) )

Take care Julie :)

Lyn x


Thanks Lyn, I was hoping you would put me right. I am double de clutching I think! Loved the analogy too. I felt so well this morning, I went out without taking any meds!!!! So I am back to do so and have a tea and put me feet up a few minutes.

I had to stop taking the declofenac for my OA as started to get dizzy spells and the nausea was all day every day. I had been on them about 2 or 3 years. It just seems to me now that the OA is the one causing the problem with the wrist and knee like it did before I started to have problems with other joints and they decided I had RA, although I had been having problems with other joints (Elbows, toes knuckles and fingers) on and off for years, i.e. swelling.

It just feels like when you go to an appointment with the nurse or GP they only see the RA in me and when I complain about my knee the nurse says right we'll give you a steroid injection! i shall have to take the consultant when I see him next month I think.

Thanks again

Enjoy your bright day and enjoy the sun, :-)

Take care Julie x


Hi Julie, must say I have to agree that when we go to GP they only seem to see RA. Blame it on the RA! easiest way. me and my RA nurse had a laugh about this yesterday when I went to see her, I told her about my back and that the GP had said "ask your consultant as I think it's inflammation of the coccyx " and that was it. Don't get me wrong as I have a brilliant GP but it just made us laugh. Anyway take care,and don't overdo it today as your feeling a little better.

Mand xx


dont over do it hope calf is ok x


P.S. Calfy has had meds too, Has Pneumonia, bless him, he can't feed for coughing, so hopefully the meds will work. Needs some TLC. just like me! :-)


Hi All

Sorry not around yesterday, but catching up with you all, Julie i would have been very worried about vet as my lovely Rheumy told me last October that if I didn't start responding to the drugs he had a friend who's a vet; inferring he would put me down. poor calfy hope his pneumonia gets better but mind yourself as you could get infected??? My daughter is driving me around in my car at the moment she's stalled it a couple of times so in regard to Lyns'

anology I must be due an MOT feel like it today.

Don't overdo it Chicken chaser but if your like me I say I never know what's too much until I've done it.:)

Tricia x


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