last year aged 39 i was ill with sollen joints and burning in neck hands and legs i went to the doctors and had blood test which showed ra

my doc just said it was flare up gave me some tablets he also said it was due to my psorasis he wasnt very understanding what do i do now its been 8 months im in constant pain with my neck and hands and they

burning and my wrist am weak i also get tired quickly and have trouble carrying shopping and only go out for a hour at a time << what do i do know

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  • Hi Nicky, sorry your having a battle with your doctor over this.. Some doctors think they can do everything themselves, plus if they're managing budgets they look at the money it will cost.

    It's not easy to take on your doctor but you must go back and demand a referral to a Rheumatologist, if he won't refer you ask another doctor within the practice. Also, you need anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers to get this condition under control. If he hasn't already prescribed them ask for them and hopefully prevent any lasting damage to the joints.

    Good luck

    Beth x

  • hi beth , my doctor isnt very understanding and says im young and the aint inflammatory tablets should do the trick hes the only doctor at the praictice so unless i change my doctors im not sure what to do

  • Oh your young 'So does that mean your joints can't be damaged by this condition' Stupid man.

    Sadly that's the reaction I got when I was younger (but that was 30 yr ago), I was 32 by the time I was diagnosed, by then I already had irreversible damage in my spine.

    Try having another chat with him and mention this and other sites which advise 'it's important to be seen by a Rheumatologist'.

    If all else fails try contacting a hospital Rheumatology unit direct, not sure if it'll do any good though.

    Good luck

    Beth xx

  • If you have Psorasis then there's quite a high likelihood that this could be psorasitc arthritis which is very similar to RA but blood tests are almost always negative for rheumatoid factor. You need a rheumatologist to diagnose this condition and put you on the right treatment because it can be very destructive in a similar way to RA. I suggest you read up about this conditon and then go back to your GP and insist on being referred as a matter of urgency - or perhaps see a different GP if that's an option for you. Good luck - let us know how you get on. Tilda x

  • hi tilda , i had bloody test and they did the factor test and it came back positive for ra altho my doctor said it could b my psorisis making it worst but he said i had infection and that i would get over it he dosent take me serious , im going to make another appointment and if he donnt refer me i think im going to change my doctors as with a young family i carnt carry on in pain everyday il let you all know how i get on and thanks to you all x

  • Ohmygosh, I am going to have to interject here! I had psoriasis since I was 2. was finally diagnosed as Psoriatic arthritis after 2 spine surgeries, and then feet flare. Then later developed RA! That dr. is just very uninformed! A positive ra test is NOt caused by Psoriasis! Psoriatic arthritis is caused by psoriasis becoming a systemic disease that is everybit as distructive as RA. The RA factor means you do have RA also. I have both. I won't repeat my history now, but I assure you, it's been a devil of a trip!! Don't let it take you there!! You will have to insist on seeing a Rheumatologist! The drugs available now were not available when I was first sent on this journey, the damages have been extensive. Keep in touch, we are anxious to know how you are. Loretxx

  • The postive RA factor would appear to indicate rhuematoid arthritis press for a second opinion

  • Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your GP. Some doctors ate unbelievable. I suggest you give the NRAS (national rheumatoid arthritis society) helpline a call. They are brilliant, knowledgable, friendly, and very helpful. I am sure they will give you advice what to do. This is their number 0800 298 7650. Please give them a call.


  • As well as getting the right medication physio is really important too. I thought I was losing all the strength in my arms, wrists and hands till I was shown exercises to help with this - it's made a massive difference.

  • I moved house about five years ago and was delighted to see a small GP practice just round the corner - an easy walk for frequent visits, so I signed up with them. But it became a one-hander and the doctor wasn't really coping. So, faced with several chronic illnesses - RA, diabetes, hypothyroidism I decided to move to a bigger practice up the road. I was surprised how easy it was. I tried to find out more information about them first - frying pans and fires I thought - but then just had to fill in a form, give a reason (I said that I wanted to go to a bigger practice as I had several complex conditions) and they gave me a full check up as a new patient.

    I'd really recommend that you consider doing this - if of course, its practicable where you live. And the NRAS will help with more advice, I'm sure

    Good luck, Cathie

  • Hi, I originally had a problem with my shoulder to which my doc said was an age thing (i was 39 at the time too!!) Slowly, joints became sore but I put this down to general over-doing things. Then I suffered Iritis, every 6 months I had a flare and the last time the hospital advised me i went to my doctor to find the underlying cause of the problem. I went back and saw a different GP, had a blood test and was confirmed RA. Now my condition seems to be relatively under control, but I would recommend you go back to see another doctor and say the problem is worse. The quicker the treatment for RA is adminstered the better. Good luck x deb

  • Hi, under NHS rules you're entitled to a second opinion, if you request one. Since there is only one Dr at your practice, he will have no choice but to refer you to a Rheumatologist. But you muist insist and refuse to be fobbed off

  • hi all ,, sorry for late update i got referred to the hospital to see rheaumatolgist and guess what yet again i was told oh your over weight and young get more mobile tbh i was offended i explained that having 4 kids and going to gym 4 times a week i was hardly sitting on my backside ,, i had to have same blood test that id already had including the factor test (this had already came bk positive for ra ) ,,, then when i tried asking do i have ra he said oh you ask to many questions so im still no wiser and came out of hospital in tears cus i just seem to be fobbed off ,,,now ive had a funny attact with my thumb it swelled you by the bones and is very sore is this the ra ?please could someone help me i havent got to go to hospital till november .thanks

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