achilles pain

hi all, well ive had a rotten day with pains in my achilles, on both feet, not sure what is causing it, if it's the ankylosing spondilytis or the RA or the fact i think i have over pronation, and now im back to work and wearing 'normal' shoes it is causing the problems, ive had heat and ice on them all day, and painkillers aren't helping.

I was just wondering if anyone else suffers with Achilles pain and how they cope or if you anyone can give me some advice please. thanks xx

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Yes I suffer to the point were even a few steps can leave me in tears :'(

To be honest the only thing that helps me is my choice off footwear.

I have specialy made shoes from the hospital but they don't ease this, I have found the tonning trainers are the only thing that help.

If you go online sports direct have some on offer at only £10 a pair, I've bought some plain black ones also for the office and with a pair off trousers on one notices they are trainers.

Hope you can find something to ease your pain.


Thanks for that i will give them a go, as i really can't stand the pain.



I too suffer with pain in the achillies tendon. Apparently the lining of tendons is very similar to the linings of joints and so they can be affected by RA. I now have custom made insoles from the podiatrist which havea raised heel which helps. Before this I had some very soft heel cushions whcih you can buy from a chemist which also helped alot. they too raise your heel as well as providing some cushioning.

This is the type of thing I am talking about. They are widely available.



Hi, yes I suffer with Achilles pain, especially when I go to bed.

This may make you laugh but I have a bucket of cold water near the loo and if I have to get up in the night I stand in it ( very carefully) for a minute or too. The relief is immediate. Also I soak stretchy elastic bandages in cold water and wear them to bed. Yeah, real turn on for my lover!

Other than that I try to keep doing foot exercises and that helps.

Just ordered trainers from - 2 pairs for £26.

Happy Easter everyone,



Hi I do I have alot of pain so does my daughter she has ank.spond I think it is part of the symptoms dont know the cure though


I also have ank spon, n just relised today that im having a flare, its never effected my achilles before.


I get achilles tendon pain too. I first got it years ago after going over on my ankle and it tends to be walking boots that set it off again. I'm a dog walker and so need sturdy footwear in winter and thought the last two pairs of boots I found would be OK but they're not. Thankfully, the worst winter weather is over so I'm getting about in trainers but I still often find my feet/ankles are really swollen in the mornings. It's hard to find a really good pair of sturdy walking shoes that give good support without costing the earth.


I too have Achilles pain. I have done a bit of research and apparently it is quite common in people with thyroid problems and a slow reflex in this tendon has historically been used as a non scie titis way of diagnosing thyroid problems


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