Has anyone tried Fish Oil for effects of RA?

Hello. I read recently on the Arthritis Research UK site that fish oil (not to be confused with cod liver oil) was beneficial to people with RA as it helped with stiffness and reduced the need for painkillers. Has anyone tried fish oil and did it help any? Since going back to work my knees are really stiff lately. I would like to know what others think about the fish oil before I buy any.

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  • I use fish oils in capsule form,have been on them for a long time. I was reccomended by my rheumy nurse who has since died. I also use glaucosomine as well. I don't know how worse off i would be without them. Sorry i don't think thats been of any help.


  • hi ... i always think anythings worth a try but it will take a while to see any benefits if any ... but at the end of the day it will not do you any harm

    debs x

  • Fish oil genuinely helps reduce inflammation in RA. There was a research document produced by ARUK, and I just found this link, too.


    I have found it helps me. And it won't harm in moderate amounts.

    A recent ARUK magazine has also shown its good for OA too.

    I have definitely found it helps my dry sore eyes too. (Sjogrens Syndrome)

  • I don't take fish oils, but believe they do help, its just I am taking multi vits and am Ok for moment. I know people who swear by them. It can't do any harm, although there is an issue with high cholesterol, and trans fats, I am not too sure about this tho.

    I aske d my Rheumy and she said take em if you like :0

    Regards, Gina.

  • Hi i was told to when i was diagnosed as Omega 3 fish oils are extremely good for RA and also take High dose slow release Vitamin C as v good for CRPS which i also have. I was taking Glucosamine but he reckoned it did nothing and was expensive so i stopped it. I do not know if it actually helps but i'm going with what they are telling me for now. I was also told to take a general high dose multi vitamin & minerals to help fight off any infections. Luckily I have only had one bad cold so maybe its helping.

    Hope that helps if in doubt ask your rheumy nurse. Sue x

  • I took Glucosamine when I was first diagnosed after big hype about it at the time but then soon after doctors were coming out saying its only helpful for osteo arthritis not RA so I stopped. Yes it was expensive! Don't know if it still is.

  • Thank you all for taking time to reply. I think I will give them a go and see how I get on.

  • I take fish oils and evening primrose oil every day. Not sure how effective they are but I like to think they're doing some good. I used to take glucosamine too however herbalist said they're only really beneficial prior to the diagnosis but not so much as a cure type thing. Good luck x

  • I take fish oils and starflower oil x they both have anti inflammatory properties x

  • Hi,

    I take Boots highest strength omega 3- only started taking them after coming off DMARDS due to side effects and have been on them since January. I've noticed quite a difference in pain levels and now take less painkillers- took about three weeks to kick in which seems to agree with research in the area Hope they help if you decide to go with them.

    Polly x

  • I've been taking Starflower Oil for some time in doses of 3000mg a day which has helped a lot.

  • Hi

    Just thought you might be interested in the report which was conducted by the ARUK in 2009 into the evidence available for the benefit of many commonly used complementary and alternative products, focussing especially on their safety and effectiveness. You can order a copy of this from the ARUK site or you can view it on this link arthritisresearchuk.org/~/m...

    Best wishes


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