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Being checked out for anti-TNF infusion

Just wanted to celebrate my 65th anti-TNF (infliximab) infusion! i was wondering whether the skin reaction to sunlight might stop them giving it as they are SO careful. Anyway they gave me a check up (temp, blood pressure, pulse, urine dip etc) and I passed to get the magic potion.

This isn't the first time I've had a cliff hanger, and it is both reassuring and worrying to wonder when you're going to get the meds that you know keep you going. THis time wasn't so bad, as soon as my face reacted all the inflammation in my body seemed to go to that. But it can be frustrating - I missed a week at art summer school once because I just wasn't feeling well enough. However, the checks are reassuring and I suppose they can show up other things.

So one happy bunny at this end, feeling very relieved, and thanks to everyone who sent me kind messages about my face and not getting reinfected. I can now hug my partner and not be afraid that I'll catch his cold.

XX Cathie

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Cathie, its lovely to hear you so cheerful and it gives hope to others when things go for one of us.



Thanks sylvi my face is more normal now too. Hope youre ok



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