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Morning, I have a concern with Anti TNF, being so new to this I am unsure of certain things, I need some advise, I have just rung the help line but that could take 48hrs to come back. RA receptionist wouldn't go and ask someone for me.

I am due to take a Humeria injection today but have broken out in coldsores. Does anyone know if I should put it off for a day or two?

Sounds daft I know but new drugs are scary things!

Thanks in advance.


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  • Hello

    Technically if you have a health problem associated with your immune system you will need to refrain from this medication. Although you will need to confirm this with your GP at time of injection as you have been unable to contact anyone

    Cold sores are an indication of Herpies Simplex and I am not a GP so personally I would call your GP Surgery. and get a call back from the GP or ask the practice nurse she will help with that decision.


  • Thanks Bob,

    I have tried to call but as usual the phones are busy, problem with my GP is they are never too sure and always refer back to the RA nurses.

    I may try my Chemist in a while, he is usually very good.

    I have had Cold sores on and off for years, but due to lots of stress over the last 2 weeks this morning one has popped up along with a banging headache!

    I will wait until I know for sure before I have the next course of treatment, better to be safe than sorry.



  • Most people have this problem and have flares a few times a year, the other wayforward is have words with the Secretary who arranges appointments, she may be able to help.

    Also can you do a call back on your telephone line this will assist you in getting the call through to you GP reception. The best time to try the GP is about ten in the morning and sometimes two to three in the afternoon


  • Herpes is the in the same group of virus' as chicken pox and shingles and when I was waiting to start Humira and asked about having the shingles vaccine I was informed that if I had it, then I wouldn't be able to start Humira for at least 2 weeks as it is a "live" vaccine (therefore the virus would be live in my system). As you have cold sores that suggests that the virus is not dormant in your body at the moment. I am not giving you advice here (we are not allowed to do so ) but I wouldn't be taking my Humira if I had cold sores. Clemmie

  • Thanks Clemmie

    I didn't know about cold sores and chicken pox being part of the same family.

    I have now spoken to ra nurse, she a called very quickly, not having injection until the sores have gone.


  • Hi yes good idea to call your chemist if you can't get hold of Rheumy or gp or indeed if u r in Britain call nhs helpline will give you advise. Personally I would wait until I got the advise before doing my injection . Hope you get sorted soon xx

  • Thanks folks, I have just received a call from my RA nurse, didn't think she would call so quick, as I have now fit a head ache and been sick, no way to take humeria, if no better in the morning I have to go to gp to get anti viral meds.

    Gosh every days a school day.

    Thank you for your advise. Lovely people.


  • Poor you Ali

    Hope you feel better after a good sleep.

    Take carE

    Kiki x

  • Thanks, who knew (oh yes you guys) how bad you can feel just getting a cold sore, I feel flipping awful, now gotta go get ant-virals, as head is pounding and being sick.

    No cycling for me for a few days Kiki.

    Thanks for the kind wishes xx

  • Hope you get rid of them soon, good job you persevered, and got advice! My philosophy after similar quandaries is now, if in doubt, don't!! M x

  • I'm glad you got the advice, I hope you feel better very very soonxxxxx

  • Poor you. I hope it gets better soon. You have now heard from your Rheumy nurse, So my suggestion is superfluous, but just for the record, it was to contact the Health at Home nurse, assuming you receive your Humira that way. She would probably err on the side of caution and stay "stop", which is what I would have done if I could t get hold of anyone appropriate?

    Hope you feel better soon


  • Hi everyone I suffer with cold sores a lot. I used to get them before I had RA(25 yrs ago) continued to get then when on DMARDS but when I started Anti TNF(cimzia) I had them 8 out of 12 months. Spoke to consultant last year because I couldn't face another year of misery. He told me it was not uncommon and that some people had to take antivirals permanently. We've compromised and I have them at home and as soon as I feel them coming I start to take them, it has worked a treat and it has been so much better. I've not been told to stop taking cimzia when I have cold sores only when I have other infections. Chicken pox and shingles you definately have to stop and seek medical aid. Cold sores are herpes simplex, chickenpox and shingles are herpes zoster.

  • I take an amino acid called L-Lysine and haven't had a cold sore in years.

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