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Mechanical Design Engineering student in 3rd Year at London South Bank Uni, seeking 10 respondents for study on pill blister packs

Sanaa Javed has approached us in search of a subject for her study outlined below. This is not a study conducted by NRAS but we are happy to inform you about it and encourage you to contact Sanaa directly if you would like to pursue being involved in her research.



Below is a quick summary of what my project is about and what I am looking for....

I have embarked on my final year at university studying Mechanical Engineering Design. Following my final year project I have specialised in products designed to assist rheumatoid arthritis patients with many time consuming tasks such as taking medication. The key area of my focus is on methods of extracting medication capsules from blister packs. From extensive research I have understood there is an issue with patients doing this. My project is aimed primarily at designing a product to aid with users needs in this particular regard.

I would like to meet roughly 10 patients with rheumatoid arthritis specifically affecting the hands, and carry out research to my investigation by observing their extracting skills with medication, ask a few questions and possibly for them to try out an existing product that is designed to extract pills from a blister pack.

Thank you all for getting in touch with Sanaa if you can help her with this project

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i have rheumatoid arthritis especially in my hands and I work in a pharmacy!, I have a pill popping device that clips over my pharmacy tunic ,I use it to pop out pills I will contact sanaa javed


Summer, many thanks for helping Sanaa, I'm sure she'll appreciate it.


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