No I have fell and no I havent broke anything!

No I have fell and no I havent broke anything!

Drives me nuts!!

When I became bad enough in 2009 to need to walking sticks it was around christmas time all iccy etc, and everytime I left the house and bumped into anyone some I knew some I dident I kept getting the same respone "oh dear me have you fell on the ice" or " oh have you been drunk and fell on the ice"

No and No I said and tried to explain and I got the same response oh no you cant have that you are too young!

Now when I bump into some off these same people I can either be using my sticks or in my electric wheelchair (for distances and bad days) I get the same response of most *idiots* "have you not got rid off that problem yet" "oh no have you fell again"

I dont know if any off you get it but it drives me nuts!! Sorry rant over for now lol xx

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  • yep... have you got better yet is the usual one lol.. lots of people ask were are my skis? which cheers me up,, had a fall at hone just over a week ago hence sticks... weakness in ankles.. went to cab.. to see bout work. rights. possible benefits. help etc.... social services fitted me stair and grab rails 2 or so weeks ago

  • Hit them with your crutches... silly silly people..

  • LOL julie if only I could get away with it x

  • Alison glad to hear you have had your rails fitted x

  • The best one I had was after falling and braking my hip and wrist I went to see the consultant at the hospital in a wheelchair and he said oh are you still using that? I said yes cause you told me not to walk for three months. This was only after two months. Stupid bleep.........

  • Hi Julie, people can be so ignorant it frustrates me so much. I use the elbow type crutches, not all the time as my wrists are so weak and some days I try to manage without you know what I mean. I know what people think "well you were ok the other day when you weren't using any" ahhhh!!!

    After 17 years though I have almost learned to ignore people. they can think as and what they want, I know what I'm going through and so do my close family and that's all that matters to me now.

    take care

    mand xx

  • Oh lord don't get me started on this one...oh ok,,,here goes...Only 6 months into this experience I am INFURIATED by the general public most of the time!!!! Most are unaware what RA is but feel they have enough medical knowledge to comment on how they could 'cure' me or they ask 'aren't you better yet?' A complete stranger came up to me whilst I was (unsuccessfully) trying to dress after my first attempt at swimming to say that if I lost a shed load of weight there would be nothing wrong with me. I simply went home and wept. Under much duress and advice by my GP I finally accepted I needed to use a blue badge on very bad days. The first time..literally the FIRST time I used it I came out of the hospital after bloods to be confronted by an angry woman screaming that I was too young to need that space and that I was a disgrace. Once again I wept..this time in my car. I was speechless. Sadly even my closest friends don't really 'get it' and can't understand why my mobility and hand function is so poor. or why I am not back to work yet. Isn't this disease hard enough without having to explain yourself all the time? I am desperate to get back to work and would love nothing more than to be back to my bubbly positive active self..but I realise that this grieving process is normal and that it takes a while to get the meds right. If only people understood this isn't just about having 'an achy knee' would be so much easier.

  • Hi Lulu, even after 17 years the only one to really understand is my husband, my son is 16 and only ever known me with RA sometimes I don't know if that's a good or bad thing.

    You will get back to your bubbly self maybe not so much the active one I'm afraid. I'm sorry people upset you as they do, people can be so cruel in their attitudes to others, try not to waste your tears on these sort of people they simply aren't worth it. the only ones to understand are other sufferers of RA!

    Take care

    mand xx

  • Thank you ! It has made a big difference talking to fellow RAers!!! Respect to everyone who copes with it and I am positive I will soon be living life with gusto once again x

  • I get frustrated by till operator who 'tuts' when I am trying to get money out of my purse, or put my card in the machine. Also people next in the queue trying to rush me along.

  • Seffarig yeah I get that one too! Ive got upset on many occasions and cryed all the way home! If only we could give these people RA for 5 minutes just to let them understand just a little of our pain.

    Lulu, so glad its making a difference for you I too have found a lot off support on this site and also on facebook, and of course by phoning NRAS helpline they are amazing.

    Mand you are so right to not waste the tears, it just gets to me now on my low days xx

    Sharon I can belive that, I had a doctor who reffered me for my wheelchair along with my OT and when I first went and seen him in my wheelchair his words were Oh Dear have you had a fall, I asked why he thought this thinking he may have thought it due to my knee being strapped up (to help the pain from the swelling) and he said because of the wheelchair! I said no you told me I needed this to get about as everytime I walked to much I ended up in bed for days or even a week to get over the pain in feet, ankles, knees, hips and worst of all lower back, he did apologies after and said oh I thought you hadnt gone throught with the referal I said no it just takes a while for them to see you and sort one out.

    Sorry for the mistake in the title but this was writtin Friday night/ Saturday morning when I couldnt sleep!! And here I am again at 1.30am given up again for now.

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