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what a weekend!!

oh well it really has been one of those weekends, where your not quite sure which joint hurts more, the fatigue has been terrible and i've slept far too much, i've forced myself to go out for a walk but just felt more tired when i got back, even today the sun has been shinning and it has been fairly warm and i sat in the garden for an hour , and did a bit of weeding and tidying up, when i came in i slept for 2 hours. im sick of feeling this tired, i think the fatigue can be worse then the pain. Ok moan over. hope every has had a good weekend.

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Aston,I am the same. I am off mtx and i haven't had any for six weeks and boy do i ache. I do a bit and then i sit and then carry on again. It doesn't make any difference. I'm throwing painkillers down my throat all day long. I ache all down my right side,shoulder,both hands,knees and everything inbetween. Didn't sleep well either.

I spent the day outside yesterday as well and it was lovely and warm.I didn't have a sleep though i should have as i was tired too.I walked round my close as i waiting to go ibto hospital to have my knee redone soon and i am trying to make myself more mobile beforehand.

I am having trouble writing this reply because my fingers are sore. I hope you managed to have a good nights sleep and you get up with less pain this morning.



The fatigue's a bitch isn't it? I did worry that was sleeping too much and that it was becoming a downward spiral, so the less I did, the less I was able to do. But I've found that I just have to have a certain amount of sleep as otherwise I'm completely useless, so have adjusted to going to bed a bit earlier. And I do have 5 - 10 minute naps when the fatigue gets overwhelming, so all in all it's not as bad as it was. But I guess the combination of strong drugs, inflammation and the general lowness of having RA is a pretty potent sleeping pill (except for people like you Sylvi who don't sleep well - sorry). Hope you feel a bit more energetic today. Px



I am the same, but I have also had for the last 10 days a cold virus, so I am more tired than usual, doing alot of sleeping as the cold has aggravated my ra, also. I don't have any life at the moment.

Phoned in sick this morning as I was over whelmed with tiredness, head aches & all over acheyness, which I have put down to the cold virus. The drugs have helped as I would feel more pain and aches than I do, but the fatigue is a real bitch and if you don't rest then you cannot do anything. Something work fails to understand.

If its any consolation I slept all of sunday. By all accounts it was a lovely warm afternoon. I did notice its warmth whilst in bed, but was powerless to move, how tired I felt. I chalk it up to another lost day and hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. As it is I did not and I ended up missing work again, but hey that's ra unpredictable.

Don't beat yourself up as there will be other days where you will hopefully feel better and are able to enjoy more of it, until then

Happy sleeps

Sci :)


Hope the sunshine is helping people feel better xx


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