NRAS have achieved accreditation!

NRAS have achieved accreditation!

Well, last time I blogged we were awaiting the outcome of the audit that took place in January for the Information Standard scheme, and if you haven’t seen this elsewhere in the site, I am pleased to tell you that we passed with flying colours! We had no non-conformities, which means that we do not have to make any alterations to the processes that we presented to the auditor, which is really good news. However, there is still a long way to go, and some of our wonderful volunteers will be helping me out throughout the year, in reviewing our articles as representatives for people with RA, so here’s a big thank you to them for their help!

So, throughout this year, you will see this logo starting to creep onto more and more of our materials. The purpose of the audit was to make sure that our processes are set up, for new publications to follow, but before we can carry the logo on our existing publications, they still have a few more boxes to tick! Each of our booklets will start to carry the logo as they are re-printed, and the first of our articles to carry the logo is our ‘Talking About Pain’ article, which can be found in the ‘Established’ disease section of the website, under ‘Managing your RA’.

This logo will only be of importance if members of the public like yourselves, who are looking to access health and socialcare information start to recognise and look for the logo, so please look for the logo on our website and any other websites you visit for health and socialcare information. It’s not only charities, with NHS trusts starting to join too. You can view a full list of the current members of the scheme by following the link below:

I hope that wherever you are in the country you are enjoying the same kind of glorious weather that we have been having lately. It is amazing how much good weather can really lift your spirits. Some people will never be happy though. I overheard a conversation recently, after just two days of good weather. One gentleman commented how nice it was, and the other said ‘we need some rain though’. He got his wish the next day, but I bet he still wasn’t happy! Yet when I speak to people on the helpline I am often astounded at people’s capacity to deal with what life throws at them, while still keeping a sense of humour.

Enjoy the sun

Vicky Backhurst

Helpline & Information Coordinator

2 Replies

  • congratulations and thank you nras

  • Well done Vicky really good news for NRAS

    Oh and about that rain.... us farmers I'm afraid. This time of year now it has warmed up a bit, we need rain to get the grass and crops growing. Sorry!

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