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Pain in my shoulders

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Well a few days ago I rang rumey nurse As the pain in both my shoulders was unbearable. I take naproxen twice a day codine 4 times a day and can hardly move my arms as my shoulders feel like they are burning. I am waiting to have ultra scan on shoulders then steroids shot at the same time. But when I rang I said am in agony can I have some steroids now. They rang back and had spoken to the consultant and he said I can have both shots now. So they said someone would be in contact with me, then 5 minutes later someone else rang me and it's all booked for Monday morning to get 2 steroids shots on both shoulders at 10.30. So pleased. I feel like my shoulders are burning and pain is radiating up and down my arms and shoulders. I have put ibuprofen gel on and taken all my medication during the day and still in agony! So hopefully it will make a difference very soon. Hope your all well on this freezing day. Take care.

23 Replies
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So pleased your going to get the help you need and good luck to you when you get the injections. xxx

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Carolsos in reply to sylvi

Thank you sylvi x

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You must be so relieved Carol, hope all goes well. x

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That’s really good news that you’re going to get the injections you need. I have the every few months and they work well for me. My gp does them.

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so glad you are getting assistance and whilst there see if they have any recommendations for something apart from naproxen. I found it worked for a while then stopped for me so maybe see if there is something else as obviously not working so is there any point! Not a medical opinion just a thought but don’t stop til checked🤪

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Hobbledehoy in reply to Deeb1764

Naproxen was my best friend for many years. Then I was diagnosed with RA (now controlled by Baricitinib). Then slowly persuaded to change from N. as affecting my breathing (COPD & asthma overlap), have Entoricoxib instead. Elbow & hand badly affected when had to abstain from B. until wounds healed from cancer surgery. Also have spinal stenosis, but although medical care vg have never been offered injections…. Best wishes to everyone for Christmastide and the new year ahead.

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It's the one pain I struggle with of all pain, so you have my uttermost sympathy there. Hope the injections will bring you relief. Take care xx

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wishbone in reply to Pippy25

Mine too....

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Pippy25 in reply to wishbone

Gets me every time. Sorry to hear you suffer with it too wishbone.

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Good news, you can do without extra pain at the moment can’t you. Hope the steroid injections give you a rest from it. 🤞 for you.

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So pleased you are finally getting the help you need. Fingers crossed that the injections work their magic really quickly so can celebrate the season with your family

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Excellent , only two more sleeps until Monday.

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Result 🙌🙌

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the best Xmas present, the chance of some relief. Hope they help 🤞🤗

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Hi. Like you I had so much pain in both shoulders, I had steroid injections in both of them in October. Left has worked, right has not, but half the pain has gone, so that’s a bonus!!! Do not lift anything of any weight after your injections for at least two weeks, not even the kettle, also you must rest both shoulders for 48 hours to ensure that the injections will be as successful as they can 🤞🏻. Wishing you all the luck 🍀 in the world and a very Happy Christmas 🎄.

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Sorry to hear your feeling bad - hope your pain levels ease up.


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Good luck with the treatment. My shoulders are very painful because I've been on and off my meds over the last two years. I'm doing NHS exercises 6 days a week religiously and it helps to some extent. At least I don't need painkillers anymore. Have a wonderful Christmas.

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hopefully it will…..the wonder drug……ensure u enjoy your Crimbo🎅🏼🤶🏻

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Hope you find some relief soon 🎅🏻🧑🏻‍🎄

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Same as everyone else, I'm really pleased you're getting your injections soon. I'm on low dose steroids (4mg) for chronic PMR. Shoulder and neck pain the worst for me, but my rheumy say's that's osteoarthritis (I'm 68). I find biofreeze gel works better for me than ibuprofen gel. Also a tens machine really helped. I used to use mine for hours at a time because it was so good. So much so, my skin developed sensitivity localised sensitivity to it, so I have to be sure to move the pad about regularly

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hope you feel better soon. I have terrible shoulder pain and stiff fingers and swollen hands, I had suspected gallstones a few weeks ago so my bloods went crazy and I had to come off of my methotrexate for 3 weeks which has caused a bad flare, I am hoping it was a blocked bile duct and not my methotrexate, nurse says methotrexate can disagree with someone even if it’s been fine for 4 years. Has anyone heard of that please? It was my GGT levels 😞

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Steroid injections are effective but be mindful of a likely enhancement of pain due to the steroid within 48 hrs of the injection. But, thereafter, the pain is gone!

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Hope the steroid injections are working well. If not, it might be worth having your cervical spine imaged especially with the pain being a burning type of pain down your arms.

Hope the pain settles in time for you to enjoy Christmas

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