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Has anyone else experienced a flare then a paralysis the of hand and wrist

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Hi there strange one to ask but I just wondered if anyone else has had a flare and when it's calmed down you find you can't move your wrist, hand or fingers at all and the pain is excruciating. I've tried hot water bottles and ice bandages, I've taken naproxen and tramadol and paracetamol. I've rubbed it with ibuprofen gel and I still have no use in it and my fingers are splayed out so I keep knocking it on things.... I'm trying not to worry but I've never had this before

11 Replies
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I’m sorry that’s happened to you and I think you should seek medical advice. That’s not happened to me although I developed carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of a flare when I was changing from one RA drug to another.

I hope it resolves soon for you.

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Thanks so much x

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Sorry you're going through this. Ask your Rheumy nurses if you can. If I have a bad flare in my hands (as last week) my fingers thumbs sometimes knuckles and wrists can swell so much I can't bend them at all. Very painful and I would usually have oral steroids just so I can function. I hope you can get some help with your painful issue soon.

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Thanks so much

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Hi there, I am sorry this has happened to you. Just over a year ago, I got up one morning to find that my left leg was totally paralysed. I couldn't move it at all. My husband called an ambulance and I was taken in to hospital. I was in for a month and they had to get me walking again by using various methods. I also had urine retention which I still have and whilst in hospital I got a very bad chest infection (not Covid ) but it meant I had to be moved to a ward attached to the Covid ones. Now, a year later I can walk but only with great pain and very slowly with a walking frame on wheels. I never thought I would be left like this and nothing seems to help me. So my advice is to see your GP or go to A and E as you need to get it sorted asap. It could be a trapped nerve, but please go to see about it. xxx

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Thanks so much for your reply hope you get well soon x

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Try not to worry. Ring your Rheumatology team and explain what has happened. They are there to help you and they will advise you. Do it today. Good luck.

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Thanks so much x

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Hi, dont know if this is any help, my right hand is causing my a lot of pain to bend my thumb and wrist. The physio nurse has given me a splint, thermal gloves and slik ones. It's something to do with the nerves and tendons from my thumb and next finger, wrist that goes up to my elbow. Sorry can't remember the name of it. Still in a lot of pain try to keep my thumb and finger bent to stop the pain. Good luck. Stay safe and take care.

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Thank you

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Yes, several times. I used to use electro acupuncture, sometimes combined with Chinese herbal medicine, but I can't afford it any more so just put up with it. The drugs I have been prescribed have side effects and are of very little use.

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