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Reminder app

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Does anyone know a reminder app for meds??

Depression caused me memory loss as I barely remember my morning pill

P.s from the App Store pls

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I’ve never used ones - I set out all of my pills once a week and keep them on the dining table whet I can see them which usually reminds me although occasionally I miss out the evening session but that’s not a massive problem.

I googled for you and found this - - there are lots of other options though.

Hope that helps you.

I use my reminder app ( I phone) it’s set at different times for different meds .my phone is linked to my iPad so both go off.

I don't know if it's available from the apple store but I got the My Therapy app from the google store and find it very useful with options for taking exercise reminders and keeping stock levels as well as medicine reminders

I just put dates and times I need to take pills into my iPhone Calendar to remind me, with daily/weekly repeats as necessary.And if I take any painkillers extra to normal pills I record them in there too so I know when I took the last dose.

I have alarms set on my phone

Go into reminders on your phone. You can make a New Reminder, title it the name of the pill. Then go to details and select. From there you can customise the time date and frequency of when you need reminding. Hope this makes sense.

HiI have Medisafe from the iPhone App Store. You can list all your meds by day . Also has information about each drug, you can add a friend, so a double check on you having taken them . Was useful to drs and nurses when I was admitted to hospital as an emergency recently too, as saved me having to remember them all.

Would highly recommend it.

I use one called pill reminder, available on the App Store for apple, but I’m sure it’s also available for android . I’m on over 20 meds, but since my stroke 4yr ago, my memory is shocking. It alarms every 10 mins for 30 mins till you tick you’ve taken. It keeps a stock control and reminds you when you need to reorder. You can use it also to log “as required” meds. I’d be lost without it. My only downfall is if I don’t tick immediately I’m left wondering if I’ve taken my inhalers, pills are fine as I set them out in daily boxes. However inhalers won’t fit in my boxes. So I do try to tick at the time I’m taking them

I use My Arthritis, from Ampersand / NHS, sorry I can't share the link, it was suggested to me from this forum, you can input your meds, appointments etc as reminders

My therapy pill reminder As mentioned above

Hi I also use the reminder on my iPhone it plays a little tune at the time I need to take it and stays on my front screen until I remove it I find it really useful as I would definitely forget otherwise

Hi Halsey … I don’t know if this has been suggested already , but I have ‘ pill reminder’ app on my iPhone. Works really well and is free for a couple of meds but I upgraded ( at minimal cost) to unlimited as I have multiple meds X don’t know how to share a link to it but here’s what it looks like

Picture of how the app looks in App Store
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Maureengibson in reply to LinaM

I have tried many over the years but find this one best. I’m intrigued by you having to pay. Im on 25 different meds all listed on this app, and never had to pay. I like the fact it does stock control and prompts you to order more. Definitely the best one out there at the moment

Buy an Alexa it will remind you to take your pills at whoever time you need reminding. I use one

I've just downloaded Medisafe a couple of days ago as I have to take 4 lots of meds for my eyes. Its brilliant !!! There was another one I downloaded where you can take a photo of the medication.

Use Alexa. They aren’t expensive and you can link it to your phone. I use it for everything, even to set reminders for hospital appointment etc

I use Medisafe as its persistent, makes me take the meds, as it goes on with the notifications across your Home Screen also, till cancelled. I have an iPhone.

I do my meds weekly in the labelled boxes (Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat). They live in my lounge on the coffee table. That way I have a visual reminder that I need to take them (or indeed IF I have taken them). It also helps with knowing what day it is 😂. This method works for me. It also helps with reordering, as you are always a week in front, so know when you are running low on anything.

I only take meds twice a day though; breakfast and teatime.

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