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Rheumabuddy - New app for people with RA!

Today marks the start of #SelfCareWeek and we are excited to tell you about the launch of a new app!

We have partnered with Daman, a Danish digital Healthcare company, to bring you RheumaBuddy.

The Rheumabuddy app is for people with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA).

It is available to download on both Android and Apple based mobile phones for free! To find out more and download the app, click here: nras.org.uk/rheumabuddy #Rheumabuddy

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Hi Katie, What are the benefits of the app? Thanks Candy

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Hi Candy ,

ITYFIALMCTT has pretty much summed it up! But you can find out further information about the app here: rheumabuddy.com/

Hope this helps!

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Candy in reply to

Thanks will have a look.

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Candy in reply to Candy

Just downloaded the App and this looks really helpful in compiling data that I will be able to use at GP and Rheumatology appointments. I have a problem in conveying how RA affects me on a daily basis, so really pleased with it. Thank you. Candy

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I just tried to download rheumabuddy and I was told it's not available in my country. When will it be available in the U.S?

Live link: nras.org.uk/rheumabuddy

It looks like a self-monitoring app. that produces graphs that might reveal factors that influence pain, fatigue, or mood levels. The results are in formats that can be shared with rheumatology teams. It connects you with another community.

"It’s your personal diary

Day by day, or when it suits, you register how you are affected by RA or JIA. As a result, you will get a better understanding of the different factors that affect the disease.

How is your day?

Use the barometer to register how you feel regarding pain, tiredness and mood. You can also use a pain map to pin point where on the body it hurts most.

You remember it all

Choose between written notes, sound files and pictures to document your day, that way you do not have to remember everything yourself, especially when you visit the rheumatologist.


The app helps people get a better understanding of what influences the good or the bad days – and with this understanding, increase the number of good days."

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Candy in reply to ITYFIALMCTT

Thank you, does sound good, especially when trying to remember bad days at appointments.

What a shame, I can't get this on my kindle😖

I downloaded it to my phone, I couldn't get on with it.

I am in the US and could not get it on the IOS App Store. Said only in Danish. Help.

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Hi Marycullen, Unfortunately, the RheumaBuddy app is not available in the US.

Kind Regards,


I'm going to download it but I don't like that the App "needs" access to my contacts, SMS, photos / media / files, camera and microphone.

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Hi Maeve31, We found this information out directly from RheumaBuddy, and they advised the following: "RheumaBuddy uses the microphone if you want to record a diary for a particular day, the contacts if you want to share a quick SMS with your contacts and the camera for taking your photo for your profile. The app only uses contacts, microphone, and camera for these purposes."

Hope this helps!

Many Thanks,


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Thanks for checking that Katie, really good to know.


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