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cataract surgery

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I had cataract surgery 2 weeks ago but i,m feeling really dizzy and lightheaded ,has anyone had this problem.

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I didn't experience this. Would suggest you contact your GP or hospital. Hope you feel better soon.

I saw my gp,had bloods taken and was told the next day to get them checked again in four weeks.I just wish i knew what is causing this problem.Thanks for your reply

You should speak to your doctor because I don’t think you should feel like that afterwards. I’ve known several people who have had it done and they have been fine and someone in my art class had it done last week and was back in class this week full of how fantastic it was.

Could you have vertigo or a problem with your ears?

Thank you for your reply.

Sorry you've been experiencing these. No I felt fine after my cataract surgery.I wonder if you may have picked up an infection, there's plenty about.

Do contact your GP for advice.

I have been to my gp and she said i had to have bloods taken,i just thought it was strange to have surgery then a week later to be feeling like this.

I had cataract surgery in 2017, I felt fine after it. Like others have said you should phone your GP surgery.

I,ve been to my gp and had bloods taken and was told they need to be redone done in 4 weeks.

Hopefully your bloods will solve the problem for you.

Are you sure the 2 things are connected? The surgery and the dizziness. I have had cataract surgery and experienced no side effects. Have you checked your blood pressure? You need to speak to a pharmacist or GP. It could be vertigo, or probably many other things.

It was just odd that i had these problems after the surgery.My blood pressure is fine and my bloods need to be redone in 4 weeks.Many thanks for your reply.

Have you contacted the cataract team? I would recommend that you do if you haven’t already. If it is related to you operation the gp will be unlikely to be able to support for anything unusual.

I havent contacted them yet but i will do so ,many thanks.

Please look at the side effects of the eye drops.

I never thought of checking these,i will asap ,many thanks.

Hi gradyjackjacob, I have had ongoing problems with my vision since I had cataract surgery almost 2 years ago, including light headedness. I had detachments of the vitreous gel in both eyes within months of the surgery (most likely triggered by the surgery), with a great deal of debris being released into my visual field, along with some bleeding as a capillary was torn when the vitreous detached. The opthamologist has been unhelpful, unfortunately. Colors are much brighter since the surgery, which I appreciate, and my visual field is really compromised, which causes some light headedness for me I think. My friend recently also had cataract surgery, they were supposed to add a vision correction, but somehow the eye doc botched the first eye that was done, and my friend was feeling dizzy, light headed, and her vision has been worse than before the surgery! She is waiting for the doctors to figure out what went wrong before having the second eye done. One theory is that the new lens slipped out of the proper position, causing the problem. Another friend had to have both of her eyes redone shortly after the first go-round of cataract surgery because the doc did not get the corrections done properly and she could not see very well. Many people have no issues with this procedure, it is a wonderful surgery overall, and there are mistakes made and problems that happen! You may need a redo, the doctor may need to tweak an adjustment for optimal outcome. I hope you are able to figure it out, and the light headedness subsides...

Thank you for your very helpful reply,i know that something is,nt quite right it,s just finding out what it is.

Cataract surgery would not cause dizziness unless you have gone back to wearing your pre surgery glasses!? My husband has been feeling dizzy for the last week and there are lots of viruses going round at the moment so hopefully it’s just a virus which will go as quickly as it came. Xx

I really do hope so,it,s like being drunk without the pleasure of having a drink.

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