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Hi all, just putting this out to anyone in similar position as have so many problems and after having osteopathy for lower back pain (scoliosis} \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\i now have left buttock and upper thigh pain and numbness I will be going for my fourth one in a couple of weeks as a last resort, but I have just had a phone appointment from my pain clinic and he was quite gruff saying I had been given all the help they could offer - speaking therapy injections in the spine about 10 years ago and physio where not much help was given so las resort the consultant at the pain management told me to try cannabis with a private doctor I have contacted The Medical Cannabis Clinic and have an appointment on 17th June, but feeling a bit worried so would love to hear anyones comments on this 14penny

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Hi , yes , my 21 year old nephew obtained cannabis through a private doctor and been doing this for several months ( Guildford ) and getting on well with working full time as well in welding and fabrication. Though , anxiety runs through our family as my 21 year old niece takes Sertoline .

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14penny in reply to weymouth321

Hi thanks for reply it has made me a little more confident in trying it out as the pain really gets you down constantly every day so thanks. 14penny x

I think it's brilliant idea and definitely worth a go. Hopefully it works for you and becomes available on the NHS at some point. We need to change the old fashioned stereotypical views we have around cannabis. Just It's has amazing healing properties, please keep us updated and again good luck!!

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Thanks for reply I am feeling more confident now :))

That's really interesting thanks for posting. Please keep us updated with information!I too have spinal problems and am finding the constant pain difficult to manage - especially at night.

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Thanks for reply just thinking wouldn't it be great for everyone if it works :)) I will keep informed.x

Hi there! Please don't be worried at all! Think of it as a positive move to improve your much-needed, level of pain. I've taken cannabis and there are many options, and many strengths! Gummies taste a bit too good! I'd avoid "vaping" if I were you because it isn't pleasant (if you don't smoke), it felt as if it burned my lungs inside wherever I'd vape. The Tinctures/drops taste "ok" and (for me) are one of my preferred choices for the most part because you can put them in any beverage. Also, there was a very pleasant tasting peppermint-flavored Tincture which I really enjoyed! I do like the gummies BUT I am not a big fan of getting the gooey candy stuck in my teeth especially when I need to take them before bed. If I am being completely honest though, Cannabis is not really the answer for my pain relief. It really (regardless of the strength) did nothing for my intense RA pain BUT I've heard many, many people claim it has worked like a miracle to relieve all types of back pain (my hubby with 2 badly herniated discs, being one of those). Good luck!

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Thanks so much for reply I will keep my fingers crossed :))x

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Whst tincture do you use is it full spectrum I find them a little weak in this country unless you have a good source.

Go for it , think that’s we should be on rather than these powerful drugs , I took it in early stages and it helped my pain , you need to make sure it’s the right stuff , only small amount , hope it helps x

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Thanks Angels54 - fingers crossed

Hi 14, yes I’m also looking to use cannabis trough a certified doctor, just so happens my GP is although I’d go to a private clinic.. I have asked about results & yes it can be extremely helpful, often getting people back to work etc.. , I’m off on holiday soon so have booked my consultation for my return.. good luck I hope it works well for you

I agree that cannabis has great healing powers but can also cause mental health issues if used long term. Take advice from an expert.

Thanks Sheila

My response to an article published by Mail Online on 5th March 2022 (dangerous, banned painkiller co-proxamol)

Co-proxamol was the best analgesic for RA sufferers prior to its wrongful ban during 2007. It’s unbelievable the same old lies are being reiterated in the press again during 2022.

1.75 million Patients had been forced onto stronger opiates, 122,500 patients who were enzyme CYP2D6 deficient lost the only analgesic that worked for them, and 60,000 Named Patients were denied the most suitable analgesia.

When annual deaths from Tramadol reached parity with Co-proxamol prior to the ban (240) on 13th February 2013 ACMD advised the Government that tramadol be controlled as a class C substance under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and listed in Schedule III of the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001, which it considers would provide the correct controls to prevent diversion and misuse.

ACMD advice “Prescribing data from the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) indicate an increase in prescribing, with the number of Daily Defined Doses (England) increasing from approximately 5.9 million in September 2005 to 11.1 million in September 2012. THIS MAY BE ASSOCIATED WITH CO-PROXAMOL’S PHASED WITHDRAWAL FROM 2005. (I have no doubts this was a direct result)

I’m unable to get any reasonable response from anyone in the NHS or DOHSC! Everyone just ‘passes the buck’; a prime example is the response From Jeremy Hunt [Attachment Pages 9 to 15] the attachment is a little long so I've outlined the most relevant pages.

• GPhC prevented from supplying patients who had managed to acquire private prescriptions at a reasonable cost following an inspection during August 2018. [Attachment Pages 9, 10]

• Parvon–N has been available since 2017 costing £2.00 per script [Attachment Page 1] the only difference is an additional 25 mg of paracetamol which is negligible and probably more beneficial for patients.

• MHRA’s Dr June Raine and Dr Ian Hudson were directly involved in EMA’s decision to ban. [Attachment Page 3]

• MHRA issued 298 additional ‘Marketing Authorisations’ for the more dangerous analgesics The number of patients admitted for opioid poisoning have risen year on year since 2005, there were 4,891 admissions in 2005-06 reaching 12,254 in 2013, 7363 additional admissions no doubt costing NHS many more millions of pounds! [Attachment Page 7]

MHRA’s actions are directly responsible for: Year on Year Increases in Death Rates Caused by the Alternate Analgesia

Deaths from Tramadol rose from 53 in 2005 to 220 in 2018

Codeine not from compound formulation 44 in 2005 to 169 in 2018

Deaths from Oxycodone rose from 11 in 2005 to 79 in 2018

Deaths from Fentanyl rose from 3 in 2005 to 74 in 2018

Deaths from Buprenorphine rose from 5 in 2005 to 26 in 2018

If the MAIL Online correct their misleading article there could be a strong case for Parvon-N being available as an extremely cost effective alternate for Co-proxamol.

If anyone would like a copy of the attachment you can PM me.

Thanks for your very interesting reply (co Proxamol was good):))

I would go for it. I'm thinking of doing the same as painkillers just give me horrendous migraines. Let us know how it goes. Good luck.

I too have spinal issues that seem to be causing the symptoms you describe of upper thigh pain, cramping with pelvic and groin pain.I've had previous surgeries on my lumbar spine and see the neurosurgeon tomorrow for an opinion on whether further surgery is an option.

Have all avenues been explored with you?

Have you been fully investigated for the cause of the pain ?

Do you have spinal issues ?

I would be chasing all of this up looking for some answers.

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14penny in reply to Mmrr

Thanks for reply, it is now making me wonder why I have not had much help from anyone even though I have asked and asked and keep being passed from physio, pain and now back to GP what do you do to get to see someone who knows their stuff ? ps I do hope your getting some relief from treatment. :))

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Mmrr in reply to 14penny

Writing things down, by letter or email always gets a more appropriate response. You could write to your GP asking why your pain has not been investigated? Asking would an opinion from a neurologist be appropriate ? I always ask for my emails to be saved to my GP or medical notes.

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Thank you, sounds like a good idea and I will give it a try. 👍 x

I wish someone would sent me in that direction...I had pure oil and the capsule but I took to much that's the problem you see as a friend got it for me ..I felt so relaxed its was lovely no pain the oil tipped me right over had way to much .. but the capsules were amazing no stiffness it was friend who as lung and liver ca terminal diagnoses she git terrible pain no amount of control drugs help her she rather have the oil for pain .. her son gets it from Germany . Its shipped from the state via Germany its fda approved .its so expensive.. when we meet up which is often she always want me to join in with her and gives me some ..its amazing stiffness goes I sleep like a baby. Wish this country would catch up but they'll give us even more powerful drugs that's juts about work if your lucky .. do not be scared of it ..its been used for many years and is amazing. And natural pain relief and as load of other amazing values to it.goodluck..

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14penny in reply to Vonnie10

Thank you so much for reply I am feeling really excited as am having video call at 11am today with doctor from canabis clinic harley street to see if he can help me I know I want to try it as am so fed up with constant pain and it is now affecting my walking and i am such an active person - this is last hope as pain clinic and Drs dont seem to help at all not even investigating the problem with a consultant as I think when you get over 65 they dont want to waste the money but hey ho lets give it a go, I will let everyone know the outcome on this amazing site. Thanks again 14penny :))

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