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Checking in with CBD/Cannabis oil

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Yes, I've decided to join the "natural" pain relief band wagon. I've been fortunate that I've had even the smallest of questions answered, usually within the hour or through a phone call. I've been using CBD oil sublingually and vaping and have had more complete pain management in one month using cannabis products than I have in five years on and off of temporary, opioid pain medication. I was wondering if anyone is also have positive results for RD pain management using cannabis? Would love to have a positive discussion about this.

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I'm pleased to read it's having some positive effects for you and the you've identified a brand and delivery method (vaping and sublingual) that suits you.

The legalisation of medical marijuana in parts of the US has facilitated some clinical trials and they're being published in various journals (albeit they're very small scale and relatively few in number):

Given the differences between CBD and cannabis, I'm uncertain of how much can be extrapolated for CBD from cannabis trials as CBD doesn't have the psychoactive agents. That said, I'd think that improved pain management would have its own, somewhat different, psychoactive benefits. :)

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I was beginning to feel stuck in a rut with my rheumatologist. Rather than begin alternative pain meds my RA meds would be increased. So then increased swelling from prednisone, migraines and stomach upset from methaltrexate, and enbril injection each week and added overall fatigue. There have been such abuses of opioid pain meds in SW Iowa that ALL Drs are saving such meds for last case scenario. I stopped asking for pain medicine when I watched my meds continue to go up as a result. I was told I would not be prescribed a regular pain med. Right now I do have tramadol 50mg every 12hrs, not thinking this will be refilled. Did not help with the hands and arms. The CBD oil I started using is just CBD. I have tried cannibis w/THC and found a lot of relief with much needed sleep. The CBD just seems to lessen the overall pain. We'll see. I don't seem to be getting better, but I'm definitely not getting worse...

Well I am a big supporter. I have used a vaporizer for several years. It is the only drug which has helped not only pain but nausea, sleep, does also keep inflammation down. I am allergic to Naproxen so no NSaID's. Love it..

I take it that this is all happening in the US?

I get my cannabis capsules from amazon. I'm in England.

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Strayleaves in reply to LesJames

No ,

Australia too!


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CBD is legal in the UK unlike medical marijuana (which is only certain states in the US).

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skbladt in reply to LesJames

In certain parts. Medical oil only in Iowa in the US. CBD is legal and everywhere now.. not thinking Iowa will give in any time soon, which is sad with the increasing number of opioid deaths and how easy it is to buy whatever on the streets. A few blocks from where my youngest daughter lives two teenage girls OD'd on fentanyl in the parking lot of a gas station! Law makers would rather deal with this than actually look at benefits of cannibis🙄

From my understanding, a combination of marijuana based CBD is more effective than hemp based CBD, though I can't seem to find any conclusive evidence to prove this since the sellers of the products are unable to offer any info on this due to legal issues. I have also read that CBD works best when in combination with THC.

With that said, I have tried hemp based CBD (no THC). I purchased $200 worth from BlueBird Botanicals a few months ago because hemp based CBD is the only kind that is legal (without medical prescription) here in NY. I tried both the sublingual and the vaping products. Neither offered me any relief. I thought the very first time using did offer half hour of relief, but nothing afterwards.

Does anyone know if marijuana based CBD is better for pain than hemp based? And does anyone know if it's the combination of CBD + THC that offers the best relief? I've seen folks get relief from Parkinson's, glaucoma, seizures, etc from CBD + THC. My mother's doctor said he will be prescribing her some CBD after he researched it, though I'm thinking she should ask for the CBD+THC. Can anyone share some insight into this? Thanks.

Yes the combination of CBD oil with THC works best for most with pain. I would start with the lowest THC dose and work up from there to find the therapeutic level as everyone is different.

Thanks. Well hopefully more doctors here in NY will get on board and start offering this. My pain management doctor wasn't even aware that he could prescribe. When I told him I'd rather go the natural route and try CBD or medical marijuana, he rolled his eyes and said "opiates are natural too". Yeah, but they cause ulcers, liver damage, dependency, and increase pain sensitivities after stopping. What a joke.

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skbladt in reply to Needforname

I was told this as well. Some relief from the CBD, definitely more than nothing, but my choices are limited. I will talk more with my rheumatologist on the 20th. Iowa made getting the card pretty difficult too. Even with application correctly filled out by the dr it goes to a medical marijuana board set up by the state that ultimately decides if your suffering is legitimate.

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Michiganpbc in reply to skbladt

I applied for a MM card also I can't take pills anymore so I am looking for alternatives to treat my chronic pain.

I've been taking cannabis capsules for about 3 months. They have helped a lot with the pain in my fingers and the fatigue.

I haven't tried it but would like to. So sick of shovelling opiates down my throat. Just not sure which one to try here in UK?

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ITYFIALMCTT in reply to Nettac

Are you on the Pain Concern forum? There are discussions there about it where various suppliers are mentioned. I don't use it but I gather the quality and the supplier are very important.

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Yes so would I I'm on loads of pain meds oxy fast an slow I've read abt it and it's just finding the best one and where to get it, just having my coffee and cocktail 💊🍸

There is a prescription medical cannabis item (Sativex) in the UK but it is reserved for people with MS afaik and, even for them, it's heavily restricted. I gather the prescription price for the product is very high in the UK but a very similar formulation is readily available to those with an MM card in areas of the US for comparative buttons.

MS Trust's link about Sativex/nabiximols:

I've no idea what the state of the research is for cannabis (in whichever formulation) and chronic pain as a consequence of central sensitisation.

There are a fair number of US blogs where the authors have chronic illnesses and MM cards and they have legal access to a wide variety of formulations and products (even sweets and other food items as well as forms for vaping, inhaling etc. etc.).

If you're familiar with reddit - there's a good CBD subreddit where the admins are knowledgeable and discuss whether or not there is good quality research to back up distributors' claims about strength, purity, and effectiveness (all too often, it seems that there isn't). Once you're in the correct subbreddit (/r/CBD) search for

uk pain

and it should bring up a number of relevant posts.

Wishbone here, this is my first post here for some time. So for those of you who know me...the good news is that I'm still alive and kicking, just about that is!

Anyway, for what it's worth, here's my experience with CBD oil....

About 4 months back I tried taking CBD oil orally, both on its own, and with my usual hydroxy and tramadol/paracetomol. Other than sleeping better, I can't say I noticed any real benefit from the CBD, which wasn't cheap, so I stopped taking it. I tried two different types from supposedly reputable manufacturers over a 10 week period and stopped taking it approx 6 weeks ago. For the last week or so my pain and stiffness has got worse...hopefully just another flare but it seems to be lasting longer than the norm this time. Anyway, my good wife, who thinks that CBD did help me a little, has just bought me some more, this time from my local Holland & Barret's - the previous stuff was bought online. Can't say that I share her confidence but have been taking the new oil for the last 5 days, unfortunately without any noticeable improvement. In fact I'm feeling worse today.

Other than hydroxy, I can't take any specialised RA meds, including steroids and anti- inflammatories, for my RA because of complications caused by other chronic health conditions. I'm really disappointed that CBD seems to have little affect on my pain as I absolutely hate taking prescription pain killers, which I suspect are contributing to stomach issues that I also have. I've thought about trying THC but don't fancy being permanently stoned. I have more than enough freaky tramadol induced dreams as it is.

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skbladt in reply to wishbone

It really really sucks! I've noticed while taking the CBD oil that when I don't take it I feel considerably worse the next day. Swollen wrists and hands, horrible pain. I'm at my wits end and losing hope. I'm afraid my new normal is filled with only pain. Going to try 50/50 CBD/THC Hopefully pain will be better controlled.

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wishbone in reply to skbladt

I've give up hope of ever improving. My rheumatologist appears to have as well, though it's not for the want of her trying to help me. I've been in constant, sometimes acute, pain for about 2 years now. I'll never get used to it but have sort of become accustomed to it, probably due in part to having an increased pain tolerance. Not that that's much consolation.

The number of other chronic health conditions that have hit me in recent years is quite shocking, at least to me it is. Most of them due to my RA and a messed up immune system. Still, I try to keep my chin up and soldier on.

Hope you have some success with the 50/50. Good luck to you.

I would welcome the use of cannabis oil as the side effects of codeine and opiates is unbearable constipation. To treat the constipation is yet another expense.

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