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Cannabis oil for Rheumatoid Arthritis// Back pain

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Cannabis oil for Rheumatoid Arthritis // Back pain

I have had a flare up now for 10days usually it can be medicated to suppress most of pain but my back has been so painful nothing is helping.

I am going to try The cannabis oil from health shop as a last resort.

Has anyone had good results from this oil ?

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Hi, I haven't tried CBD oil myself but I've heard that the stuff from health shops is not very good. I think you can get better quality ones online, maybe other members will have links/recommendations. Also, if you put CBD oil in the search box there will be threads about it. Good luck! 🙂

I got mine from Holland and Barrett I take capsules for pain as I have RA+OA and it helps me, I think everyone’s different but worth a try if it helps xx

Hi, it depends on the brand and the strength and the intensity of your pain as well as individual tolerance of the CBD.

I use Improve Me brand from Grape Tree as it works. Last lot I used was 500 strength. Ten drops of that delivers 25mg of cannabinol. The brand comes in varying strengths and costs more for higher strength solutions.

It worked for me but I cannot afford it as a regular option.

Thank you for your reply Yes it is expensive ! Reading the advice from Canada it seems they have a better system for obtaining good quality oil 🌟

I have my medical marijuana licence in Canada. Government decriminalized Cannabis and its now legal to purchase.

However a medical marijuana licence gives me access to medical grade Cannabis and oils from licence producers highly regulated by government. This assures you are getting what is stated on the bottle.

Pesticide free, correct accurate quantity etc.

I use high CBD oil with low THC during the day and CBD with higher THC for nighttime as it helps me sleep. I have not tried vaping but am just learning to make edibles. In Canada right now you can not buy legal edibles, they will be decriminalized in October, but you are allowed to make you own for personal use.

The problem with som CBD oils is you cannot know for sure what’s in the bottle, so therefore you may not get any relief.

If you vape you will get immediate results.

CBD oils can take up to 1/2 hour to 2 hours to work. Best to put under your tongue and held there for a few minutes. Also eating a fat food like cheese will help your body absorb oils better.

It’s not for everyone. Some it seems to help a lot. Others say it does nothing for them. We are all different.

Hopefully England will give medical licence soon Thank you for your reply 🌟

Hi I tried a well known exspensive brand at 600 strength oil and vape type and it didnt do a thing. I actually had a flare in my jaw and hand while finishing the bottle. So I did my reshearch and most of the cbd oil out there just is not strong enough for RA, saying that everyone is different so its up to you. My RA flare ups and blood ESR and CRP levels have now lowered since I have been on methotrexate injections and a diet change of no dairy and no processed foods or meats and eating plenty of greens and starches. ☺

Thank you for your reply I dont think I will be trying the oil now 🌟

I’m in the UK too, the oil from Holland and Barrett did nothing for my RA! I follow a plant based, no processed foods, no oil, intermittent fasting, vegan diet and that has helped immensely, or maybe I have bored the RA in to submission.....🥴

Thats what Im on now ☺

Like your comment as I know my bodys bored with RA too 🤣

Not medical advice but what I have learned from my doctors in Canada:

Cbd oil from hemp sources is not the same as medical cannabis cbd oil isolated from marijuana plant. Hemp sources only contain trace amounts of cbd cannabinoids by comparison and have by far less of the medicinal properties found in the marijuana plant.

My personal experience: I have used medical cannabis (from marijuana source) - cbd oil (not thc) on and off for the last 2 years. I find I do get a little relief but only after long term, consistent use and by increasing the dose over a period of time. (My Doctor has given me a recommended dosage) It’s not enough on its own to help my Ra but the little it does is as much as any pain killer I could take except without the side effects of pain meds. My doctors have encouraged me to take it for pain management along with my Ra medications and biologics.

As a bonus I do get some side benefits of improved sleep and management of anxiety.

Again, it’s not a treatment or cure and on its own is not enough to manage pain.

A note on hemp sources:

Hemp sources cbd may not manage pain no matter how high the cbd content because it doesn’t contain the same cannabinoid compounds as marijuana sources however it may be a good health supplement.

Thank you for your reply 🌟

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Hobbits in reply to Rheumagal

Thank you for mentioning the hemp oil.

Many don’t realize what they are buying and then get no relief, hemp derived sources won’t do much if anything. Many online stores sell snake oil, mislabeled, misleading and sometimes outright fraud.

I take 1:67 / 25:00 Satvia CBD, it’s low THC and high CBD.

This amount of THC will not get you high but actually helps the CBD to work better. Without THC you will get little to no pain control, but you will get inflammation control and in turn that can lower some pain. If you have a lot of pain, a higher THC can manage it.

I had to take CBD for 8 weeks straight before I had noticeable improvement, starting low, and going slow, built up to 1ml 3Xday.

I have RA and Crohn’s and endometriosis. I’m on Remicade for RA and Crohn’s but the biological only helps about 75% and CBD helps the other 25%

I am off all my pain pills and sleeping pills.

The CBD surprised me. I was hoping for instant joint pain reduction. That’s not what happened. Surprisingly it helps my neuropathies in my feet and hands. The constant burning and zapping kept me up all night, the CBD has helped greatly with this inflammation, the CBD also helps my Endometriosis, esp the pain in my ovary.

I find the low THC oils do not touch my joint pain.

So I take a ‘balanced CBD oil

11:60/11:60 THC/CBD for bedtime. It’s a Indica/Satvia blend. I now sleep like a baby and not used my sleeping pills in months. The higher THC helps my joint pain.

CBD is not a miracle cure, it’s a medication like any other. Just like DMARDs or Biologics, they work for some people and not for others.

The human body has actual CBD receptors all over your body.

There is such a steep learning curve because Cannabis has been illegal and criminalized. But read up on the history of how it came to be ‘a gateway drug’....pharmaceutical companies did that, ( natives have used it for centuries as medicine) cause Cannabis can be freely grown and cost pennies compared to manufactured drugs and biologics.

I think once more studies are done, it will become more mainstream.

Thank you for your reply it really is great to have other peoples experiance on this subject Thank you again 🌟

Thank you after reading comments on oil I dont think I will try it as I didnt realise that it was only Hemp oil ! Im going to try a chiropractor as pain is not responding to meds. Luckily I am on holiday from work so have time to recoup .

Going out to enjoy the sun very soon but reading ‘only hemp oil’ in your comment caught my eye.

Hemp is cannabis sativa, a great source of CBD.

Many do not know how amazing it ican be.

It is a bit like telling people about RA; reaction might be, oh it’s only arthritis!

CBD oils that are properly produced and lab tested are not the same as eg Good Oil, a culinary hemp oil sold by Tesco.

Those are brands I know work for me, are properly produced and tested and legal.

Thank you for this,I have not tried it due to negative feedback, but I guess the lesson is I do need to try it as it just might be okay for me & if it doesnt at least I will know 😀

Before I was diagnosed I had a few courses of acupuncture for back pain that plagued me around the sacroiliac joints area. I found it very good and as long as I kept going it helped a lot, unfortunately it got a little expensive for me. I recommend it to try. It was relaxing. I also used to have the tui na Chinese massage (it's not for the faint hearted!) which I found great. Anyway, may be worth considering?

Thank you 🌟

A535 arthritis roll on for my relief

Well I have been on CBD+ for 4 days now its only 2.75 so not strong Made by Jacob & Hooy . Ingrediants state Hemp seed oil, hemp paste leaf & flower, emulsifier ,sunflower lecitin. I take 4 drops 2 times a day So far it hasnt really done anything but I have been told it takes time so I will carry on . I have a bad headache today but I dont think it is the oil. 😊

CBD made with "Hemp Seed " is not the real stuff.

Real CBD with the active potent cannaboids & terpenes is made from the Marijuana plant.

Many states it is illegal to sell and illegal to sell over the internet to states where it is illegal so they fool people by saying it is made with Hemp Seed oil.

I get my REAL CBD Oil from a licensed dispensary and a 30 ml bottle is $195!


Got my official New York State card so I can purchase REAL CBD Oil at select dispensaries!

Started it 2 months ago and was able to reduce my prednisone from 20mg per day down to 10mg per day!

It is a freaking miracle!!

I was at my wits end!

Have been on almost every DMARD & biological and nothing to date has worked to be able to reduce except the CBD!!

I put point 4 under my tongue 3 times a day!

It is expensive though. $195 for the 30ml bottle for the kind with the most CBD 99.3% and the tiniest amount of THC .7%

It is the CBD part that works on fighting inflammation!

Do not be fooled by the fake stuff being sold on the internet and states were it is illegal to sell.

CBD and cannabis are different medicines. I grow both and make meds from both. I am highly allergic to touching the plant and having it enter my system transdermally in access. I recently had a severe reaction which triggered a body wide RA flare. i was told we have cannabanoid receptors in the synovial lining of our joints Terrible rash involved which is dissipating following low dose cortisone. RA pain minimal, but still present cannot consider Plaquinel as it interferes with bone growth and I'm healing dental implants. Hoping to find alternatives. Anyone else have this combination of issues and other ideas. i also recently injured my foot requiring an xray which revealed my RA toe (the only place I have had RA pain in ten years is eroded. Worried even though no pain previous, worried about joint erosion anyway. Going the ND route Blood tests done for allergy markers on all foods. Nutritional supplementation.

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nomoreheels in reply to

Hiya winterflo, welcome. Interesting info, however it's illegal to grow cannabis in the UK. I'm sorry you had such a reaction & I hope the flare has abated now. Steroids aren't good bone-wise either so I hope they treat the reaction quickly & you'll be able to taper off them. The inflammation from your flare should respond too so maybe it will be short lived. Hopefully whichever DMARD you try next works well for you, though if not there are many options your Rheumy can consider prescribing as you probably know.

Considering your question it might be an idea to start a new post, you'll have more responses doing so. Also, this post is 2 years old & the original poster hasn't been active on the site since so you may not receive a response from her either, sorry. Did you do a search & this is how you found this post? If so, just a tip, when considering replying to someone check how old the post is, or even go onto the OP's profile page to see if they are regular contributors.

I hope you find being here enjoyable & knowledgable & you become a regular contributor. We can share our experiences of the various treatments for RD but keep in mind we're not medical professionals, only those who live with the condition like yourself.

Hope to see more of you. 😊

in reply to nomoreheels

Thank you and for the info. Not seeing any Rheumatoid drs or on any pharma drugs currently. Yes, I did a search and found the discussion group. Thank you! I'm interested in open minded discussions and any alternative strategies for this disease so many of us are suffering with. Kind, supportive and open to alternatives to the Allopathic route.

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