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Severe tendonitis

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Good morning, looking for advice really regarding my foot, went to see physio therapist who is based at my doctors surgery with my back as I suffer with it and asked her to look at my left foot for me as a lump had appeared on it with some tenderness and hurts throughout the day on and off feels like it's broken one minute then ok the next, this was in June/July Time she thought it was a ganglion but said to go back if no better anyhow sent me for a ultrasound and then straight for x-ray ultrasound woman said it was very angry and was showing lots of bright colours. Results say Severe tendinopathic changes to the distal peroneal tendon with bony irregularity of 5th met head and have advised a lateral view also, physio has asked for advice from orthopaedics and they want to see me in clinic. Can anyone advise on what these results could possibly mean please? And everything is still the same nothing has changed with the pain or swelling and I'm not athletic.

9 Replies
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This is what I have (caused by RA inflammation not shoes!) - does it sound similar?

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Any pain in the feet relating to the tendons is excruciating and can take months to settle down. I get a lot of tenosynovitis in my arms and feet. My arms are ok but my feet is an ongoing battle. I make myself walk my two poodles , I have to buy memory foam insoles or cushion walk shoes . Think you will find it to be the case with you too. 😊

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Hi Minster30,

I'm sorry to hear about your ongoing issues with your feet.

You can read about how RA can effect the feet and find links to our foot health online course, and other resources including information about how a Podiatrist (foot and ankle specialist) can help support you in looking after your feet. Find out more here:

A Podiatrist would also be able to help explain your test results and offer you specialist advice on next steps.

I am sorry I could not be of more assistance but hope these resources can help you get the support you need.

Wishing you all the best,

Hannah - NRAS

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Hiya Minster30, welcome. I can empathise with the pain as I also have tendinitis. Mine comes as part of the package of poor control when issues started in my feet, or should that be continued as it was where RD was first apparent, I've had problems ever since. I should explain, my Rheumy wasn't interested in examining my feet as they're not included in the DAS 28 score, that was until all was settled elsewhere, except the damage was done & my foot had become unstable, leading to tendinitis, metatarsalgia & other issues. Your results in very basic terms are saying that the the tendon changes are to the outer edge of your foot & you have a bunionette or tailors bunion (5th metatarsal head is your little toe joint furthest away from nail). They're caused by your little toe joint being out of alignment. It's related to your tendons & also your ligaments so fits with your complaint. Hopefully once you've had your other imaging an appointment to be seen in the Ortho clinic will follow quickly.

Meantime maybe following the RICE system will help, Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevation. Also maybe checking out if you think an adjustable ankle support would help ease the pain when on your feet. Mine was supplied to me but it's something like this They are available elsewhere, maybe try Amazon.

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Morning all and thank you for all of your responses to my original post. First of all I must add that I have been under the podiatrist before and had insoles fitted in the past but unfortunately this only made my other conditions worse, I suffer with degeneration, arthritis and have spina bifida occulta of my lower back which was only picked up from a MRI scan in 2015 after weeks of excruciating back pain, after this my left leg calf started spasming and I ended up with a cold to the touch calf along with it being bigger than my right one and not being able to tiptoe on my left foot this went on for about 2yrs and now I can tiptoe on it but I've started having flutters in my lower left leg, it's pretty hard to describe 😢 I've had multiple injections into my spine and also acupuncture in my legs and feet but in 2019 I had to stop this as I was diagnosed with vulva cancer and had a full vulvectomy and lymph nodes dissection and I've been left with lower body lymphedema so I'm not allowed any injections from my waist down although it is pretty much under control most of the time. I'm also suffering with my elbow and my fingers and sometimes my wrists, I feel that I'm falling apart and I'm 38 and a single parent and also my daughters full time carer. As for shoes I only wear trainers which are very lightweight and memory foam or flip-flops or I'm barefoot xx Thank you all.

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My RA began with a tender swollen lump on my foot, which disappeared and never returned. I also get lumps and bumps that come and go with great regularity. My GP initially diagnosed me with tendinitis (which I knew it wasn't) when in fact I had RA.

All I can add to what has been said above is that when my RA is not well controlled both of my feet are sore and I'm increasingly finding it difficult to walk bare foot on my right foot.

When my RA is better controlled my feet issues improve.

Is your RA under control with meds ?

Like you I have not found podiatry useful, the insoles I was given caused great pain. I'm much better without them.

Generally speaking many rheumatologists do not examine feet at consultations, I get round this by removing my socks and shoes immediately on entry to the consulting room and remind her that my feet are a good monitor of my general RA condition (unfortunately feet are not taken into account on DAS).

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Minster30 in reply to Mmrr

Thank you for your reply Mmrr, I have not been diagnosed with having RA I'm just at the beginning of finding out what's happening with me and I've been referred to orthopaedics so I'm just waiting for my appointment. Xx

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I had something similar a few years ago, and I think if I didn’t have RA, it would have probably been misdiagnosed as a bunion!Mine was actually due to a small flare, but a short course of Prednisone fixed it.

You have my sympathy if it is tendinitis, I have it in my shoulder (rotator cuff) nearly a year now, although it’s better than it was, it’s still sore.

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Mmrr in reply to Chockyuk

Whilst trying to find out what was wrong with me 5 years ago, I was told by a Dr that I needed my long standing bunion operated on 😂🙄😱😫🤯 and was advised to see a podiatrist. I had RA.

I still have the bunion, I've had it for around 50 years and it causes me no problems. Never has. It's one of the few joints that cause no problems.

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