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My husband had a stroke but is doing very well

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I haven't been posting much lately because of this. It happened on Nov 15. I woke up to find him unable to speak at all. I called an ambulance, and thanks to the wonder of modern medicine, he had the clot removed within a few hours. My daughter came from 3 hours away to help and to get me to the hospital which was an hour and a half away. (I have not been driving lately with my painful shoulders and elbows)

He was only 5 days in the hospital, his speech is pretty good at this point, and his physical abilities seem fine. He has the occasional cognitive glitch but that is improving steadily. Things are going well. It could have been much worse.

We have been together for 49 years. We have raised 3 children and gone through life together with all its ups and downs. He has been a strong support to me through the past year and a half as I have struggle with my RA. He has always been the robust healthy one, so this came as quite a shock.

We help each other. He still gets my coffee in the morning and opens packages and things for me. Since my rinvoq has been kicking in, I am able to do a lot more for myself and for him, so we are doing OK and are getting through this.

44 Replies
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Goodness Elizabeth, what a terrible shock for you but I'm so glad that he is recovering really well and hope it continues. All the best. x

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ElizabethW in reply to springcross

Thank you

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What a shock but glad that he is doing so well. Take great care. x

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ElizabethW in reply to Wobbies


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Very sorry it happened but wonderful news your dear husband is recovering so well….onwards & upwards to a lovely family Christmas.🍸🍾🍸

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ElizabethW in reply to AgedCrone

Thank you. We are looking forward to a regular family Christmas this year thanks to Covid vaccines. Last year we visited online with the family and then had our Christmas dinner for just the two of us.

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It must have given you a real jolt, especially with him not having any other problems. Thank goodness for the swift treatment. I remember being very panicky when my h needed a life saving op, that too was swift. We bash our NHS so often but really we should be so thankful for it when, more so when it literally is a matter of life & death.

I hope your husband continues to make good progress & it's not too far in the future before he's feeling himself again.

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ElizabethW in reply to nomoreheels

Thank you. We sometimes bash our health care here in Canada too, but when something like this happens, we know that we are so lucky to have it, and the wonderful dedicated workers who deliver top notch care.

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So sorry to hear that but I can honestly say that I know at least a little bit about how you're feeling as my husband had a stroke 7 years ago aged 54. The good news is that he's made a great recovery and copes well despite having some speech issues; he had a great team of therapists and worked very hard on the exercises they gave him which really paid dividends. Initially he had some issues with fatigue and had to learn to pace himself but we're all familiar with that here, aren't we? I know exactly what you mean about him being the healthy one but we are a strong team and as he once said "you gab and I'll grab"....😊Please do message me if you'd like to chat further.

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Gottaloveastaffy in reply to Boxerlady

As you know my hubby had a major bleed and they also found an annirism waiting to rupture an he had to have brain surgery x he also has minimal damage and mainly fatigue and he is 57 x scary times but it helps knowing your not alone xxx

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ElizabethW in reply to Boxerlady

Thank you for your reply. I am glad your husband recovered well and that you are both able to help each other. I wish you many more good years together

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Gottaloveastaffy in reply to ElizabethW

And me the same to you xx

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Ohh what a shock xx it’s so scary xxx glad to hear he is on the mend with minimal damage caused xx remember to take time

For yourself as well xxx

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ElizabethW in reply to Gottaloveastaffy

Thank you. Yes it was quite a shock. It has been a stressful time but things are starting to settle down now and our children have been very supportive. We will be okay

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Elizabeth, what a shock for you, but also a heartwarming story of mutual support and friendship. Long may you both continue to support each other.

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ElizabethW in reply to Mmrr

Thanks so much. I am so glad he and I have each other

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Wishing you and your husband many more years of happiness together x

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ElizabethW in reply to stillsdisease

Thank you.

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Sorry to hear this. Sending healing vibes for your husband and love to you. Glad your RA med is working more as sounds like you’ll be doing a lot more at the mo. 💗

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ElizabethW in reply to Neonkittie17

Thank you for your support

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Neonkittie17 in reply to ElizabethW

You’re welcome.

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I am so sorry to hear what you both have been going through and hope little by little your husband continues to recover and that you also little by little feel better on your meds. Sending you both my warmest of wishes and support xx

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So sorry to hear this, I hope your hubby makes a speedy recovery, and thinking of you both lots of warm wishes xx

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My brothe rin law went thro 2 strokes in 3 days this time last year and he does his pyhsio and now started to run again and reduced stress and he is geting there. Changed but getting there and so proud when he walked my niece down the aisle this year too!

You will get thro it and no doubt been through so much together you will come out the other side of this too x

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ElizabethW in reply to Deeb1764

Thanks. It sounds like your brother has worked hard to get well. I wish him all the best

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ElizabethW in reply to ElizabethW

I meant brother in law

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God bless you both , and your wonderful daughter xxx

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So very sorry to hear your going through all this, really good news he is recovery quickly sending you lots of hugs and love xx

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Oh that will have been a great shock. I am so pleased your husband has recovered very well by the sounds of it. I hope you continue to have many more happy years together. x

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I am pleased your hubby is on the road to recovery darling. xxxx

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Hi Elizabeth, sorry to hear re your husband having a stroke. I do understand, I had a massive stroke 3.5 year ago, at 52, rendering me unconscious with loss of strength each and paralysis down the left side. My Drs tried to transfer me to London for surgery to remove the clot. Unfortunately there were no beds available, so if the end I had thrombolysis, which is a strong med to dissolve the clot but can cause haemorrhage. Thankfully it worked well I recovered well physically with very mild weakness to the left side. I did however suffer more with loss of memory, mainly short term memory, but struggle to remember names of people I worked with, or certain events that happened. If I watch tv I’m unable to recall the name of the program, the poor or who starred in it. If I’m chatting to friends and get interrupted I’m unable to pick the conversation up again. Concentration was dreadful but has improved, although despite my exercises still persists to some degrees. I found it difficult as I recovered so well physically that people assume I’m fine. It was find mine was caused by an adrenal crisis and was diagnosed with severe adrenal insufficiency 3 weeks later. I hope your husband continues to improve with time, and that he returns as much as he can to how he was before. Fatigue was also bad in the first year of my recovery 🤗

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ElizabethW in reply to Maureengibson

Thank you for sharing your experience. It seems the after effects of a stroke are different for everyone. I think you are right that people think a person is fine because they appear to be fine physically. The cognitive and memory effects might be more subtle for someone to notice. It sounds like you have worked hard to heal and have come a long way. I wish you the best.

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Oh gosh, sorry to hear this. Sounds like your quick actions have helped your husband have a good outcome. Hope he continues to improve and don’t forget to look after yourself too x

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That must have been a huge shock to you. Modern medicine never seems to amaze me, and I’ve watched drs perform the blood clot removal procedure on tv and the results are amazing.

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Elizabeth such a big shock for you all, glad you've got each other to get through this. Wishing your husband well xx

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Good bless you both with happiness and good health My mum had a stroke but when she was found lying on one side of the road on her way alone to the hospital she was not going for hours

She was bedridden only one hand.was working only could say ba ba or wa wa

It was very sad to see this vibrant woman who was entertaining others with singing and jokes was a shadow of her self

She is resting in peace now but the stroke stole that precious times of with mum enjoying her stories .your husband is very lucky.long heathy happy life to you both!

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ElizabethW in reply to happyinlove

I am so sorry to hear about what happened to your mum. I hope you can treasure your memories of better times with her.

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Sorry to hear about your husband but really glad he’s made a good recovery. Like you I’ve be marry49yrs and my husband is very supportive with my RA. Wishing you all the best for a healthy Christmas xx

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It must have been a real shock Elizabeth and I am very pleased he is recovering well. Quick response to a stroke is the key usually. I lost my dear Mum to a stroke. She had 2 within 48 hours and passed away within 7 days not having regained consciousness. She was 67. I like hearing positive outcomes from people who have suffered strokes. You and your husband are a team and long may it continue.

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ElizabethW in reply to Biofreak

Thank you. I am very sorry about your Mum.

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Biofreak in reply to ElizabethW

Thanks Elizabeth. She passed away 26 years ago now but I think about her often.

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Bless you both. Take care and have a wonderful Christmas

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Sending best wishes 💕

Sending you and your husband so many kind thoughts and good wishes xx

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