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3 rd vaccine

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Hi everyone got letter from my Rheumatology’s team today got to book in for 3 rd jab anybody else had one ??? I only had my flu jab last Wes 🤷‍♀️😢

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I get my covid tomorrow ,

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allanah in reply to allanah

Got flu jab at the same time x

Yes I got a letter today to ring & book for my booster vaccine 😀

Mine doesn’t say booster just 3rd vaccine 💉

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Lolabridge in reply to Deejojo

Well you are lucky your team are differentiating between the 3rd primary dose and the booster. If you are immune suppressed you will be entitled to both, with the booster 6 months after the 3rd dose.

But, if you are in England, don't be surprised when you try to book your jab the NHS booking system only refers to boosters. Just take your Rheumy teams letter along with you when you got for the jab and show that it's the 3rd dose you're having and ask for it to be recorded as such. Hopefully, that will mean you automatically get called for your booster after another 6 months.

I'm having mine on Friday.

I've just had my third vaccination dose but the GP who gave it to me had it down as a booster shot, does that mean I should have the booster in six months now? Should I ask them to amend the record do you think? I wasn't aware there was a difference!

You are only entitled to both if you are immune suppressed. More than 20g MTX and or on a biologic means you most probably qualify.Look at the table on page 21 of The Green Book chapter 14a to check.

I am on a biologic yes and also leflunomide so I think that qualifies but will look thank you!

Sadly most GPs don’t seem very clued up about it. I took a copy of that together with other info published on the BSR website to show mine.

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Moomin8 in reply to Lolabridge

When I had mine last Thursday, it had to get recorded as a booster. The nurse said that's the only option available, but she told me to go back in 6 months and ask for my booster.

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Lolabridge in reply to Moomin8

I'm going to do the same. But it's a mess. It's the consultants who should have called for us to go and have the 3rd primary dose. Mine hasn't and I'm going to complain ... after I've recovered from the jab this weekend!

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Deejojo in reply to Lolabridge

Go on girl u complain it’s Ridiculous the way we’re treated

Is it the rheumatology department that contact you for the 3rd jab/ booster?

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Deejojo in reply to Carolsos

Yes love

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Lolabridge in reply to Carolsos

Mine came from surgery. It may depend on where you live

Mine came via a text from the GP surgery.

Glad you posted this. I'm still waiting to hear and keep wondering if I've been missed as a lot of people seem to have been contacted for 3rd primary vaccine. I know some pharmacies are doing flu jab and the covid booster at the same time so I don't think it should matter that you only had your flu jab last Wednesday. Good luck.

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NicolaP in reply to sunnyweek

You're not the only one waiting to hear about 3rd vaccines. I've still not heard anything and just emailed Rheumatology to ask about it and how they are notifying patients. Unfortunatley from recent experience as they are so busy I may not get a reply for a few weeks and they don't want you leaving voicemails on the helpline (that said they were taking even longer to get a reply earlier this year).

I'm on Humira so would appear to be eligible for the 3rd vaccine in addition to the booster jab later. That said I can't even get a flu jab appointment at my GP Surgery so it's anybody's guess with Covid vaccines when I'll get an appointment. I'm due booster anyway late next month but am scheduled for knee surgery at the end of this month so its getting tight to get anything organised at the moment.

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sunnyweek in reply to NicolaP

Yes I agree when we only have a short time to get organised. I'm due retuximab early december so need my third this month. Good luck, if you're up to it let let us know when you hear about your third, and I hope all goes well with your knee.

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Moomin8 in reply to sunnyweek

Try what I did, if you can.

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Ozzy in reply to NicolaP

I booked my flu jab at boots, when I contacted rheumatology I was told I should be offered a booster vaccine, which I guess means early next month as it will be six months since the last one. I am on Tocilizumab injections

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Carolsos in reply to NicolaP

I got my flu jab at my chemist instead of my doctor's. Have you thought about getting your flu jab from the chemist instead? Take care

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NicolaP in reply to Carolsos

I was contemplating that with the local chemist. However I had to contact them about something else today and mentioned the issue no flu clinic appointments and it turns out they're doing a session on Saturday (they don't normally open at the weekend) soley for flu jabs so have now got an appointment. I would have been nice if they'd made that known via the online booking functionality but they haven't.

Just now got to wait and see how long it takes Rheumatology to respond to my email about the 3rd jab. It could be a few weeks unfortunately.

I’m the same as NicolaP - heard nothing from either GP or Rheumatologist. I take MTX and Benepali and also Hydrocortisone as have Addison’s. I had to contact my GP last May to ask if I should be shielding as had no letter (I already was shielding) and finally received notification and then got the government texts but still heard nothing about the 3rd vaccination. And flu jab at the surgery - because I’m under 65 I won’t even get offered that until November even though I’ve told them (every year) that I am eligible.

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Boxerlady in reply to Barrister

Re the flu jab, it might be worth you asking at a pharmacy. I had mine done there and they didn't charge me bec of the medication I'm on (DMARD triple therapy.) I'm 61.

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Carolsos in reply to Barrister

Try the chemist for your flu jab as that is where I went for mine. Good luck

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Barrister in reply to Carolsos

Yes, I got it done in Tesco last year.

Mine was from the NHS

I have had my flu jab, but don't expect to get my third jab until nearer Christmas.xxx

Yes, had my extra Covid two weeks ago, still awaiting my flu injection.

Heard nothing from Rheumatology about 3rd primary dose and nothing from GP about 3rd dose or flu vaccine.

Great news that yourself and others are getting 3rd vaccine 👍👍

I contacted my Rheumaltolgy team mid September and they advised would receive a letter by early October- not here yet but will chase up next week

After watching NRAS webinar it feels as if better protection is tantalising close for us and I am feeling a tad frustrated but I am trying to stay focused on fact it won’t be long to wait.

I have had my 3rd jab and it was difficult type to the first two. this time round felt some after pain and very tired but nothing more. got my flu jab in few weeks. all good, hope you are as well.

I got a letter from my Rheumatologist , revised, saying go to walk in centre with letter. They acknowledged it and jabbed me. The national recording system doesn’t offer third vaccine at moment but the walk in did record it on my health record.

My GP had heard nothing about a third jab when I saw her last week and said she would try to find out and let me know. I saw her for my flu jab last Saturday and she said none of her colleagues had heard anything either and the whole thing seemed a muddle, if she finds out she will be in touch. I rang the rheumatology help line but the recorded message made me feel like I wouldn't dare leave a message.

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NicolaP in reply to Bailybiscuit

Sounds like my Rheumatology department, they want you to email instead of leaving a message. That said when I did both earlier in the year when there were supply issues with SSZ I got a quicker response to the email than the phone call (the latter took them 3 weeks to respond to and they said it was for the voicemail). I'm now just waiting to see how long it takes them to respond to the email this time.

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Bailybiscuit in reply to NicolaP

I thought I would wait a bit longer. If I hear from my GP that's ok, if not and I get called for the booster I will leave a message. The nurse who answers the calls is so blunt and not at all friendly. You'd wonder why she would want a job there if she is so unpleasant to the patients.

Different system here in Scotland. Those needing a 3rd primary have been identified from medical records and letters with appointments have sent out through a central mailing. I have mine on Thursday. It also looks like flu vaccinations are going to carried out by the vaccination centres rather than at surgeries.

Hi honey, not had an invite yet but I was told it should be six months after the second COVID vaccination. Take care xx

Have had notification about booster but as I can’t get out and no reply on phone to see if they can come to do it , am stuck don’t know how else to go about it ?

I'm getting both on saturday, presumably one in each arm .

Nothing about 3rd or booster Covid here yet and GP surgery has put a note on their website to say they won't be inviting anyone for Covid jabs as have no vaccine. Rolling out the flu jabs though. Will have to see whether rheumatology contact me but only on 20mg methotrexate so may not be eligible despite BSR advising all should have it.

Hi I had both flu and covid. Covid 5month 2 week. Arm a little lump and itch. But feel ok

I am having mine today. My hospital phoned me and said that as I was on their vulnerable list I was eligible. I read the info on the best time to have it to produce antibodies and tried to contact rheumatology but no reply so I am just going ahead.

I had my third jab a week last Sat Denise . On 17.5mg MTX so not the >20mg, unsure why I qualified but both that & flu jab all done. Due for booster jab in 6 months.

Has anyone in Wales recieved or been notified about the 3rd primary vaccine?

Just been on my health board's website where they are offering their apologies to the public and investigating the long delays to speak to a vaccination centre call handler...tell me about it! I've tried phoning my vaccination centre today but have failed to get a response. According to a recently updated website newsletter, they are in the process of vaccinating the immunosuppressed.......

had a text message from gp surgery to ring them and book ours today, we are having them in a weeks time xx

🙋🏻‍♀️I've had my 3rd primary Covid vaccine - had it last Thursday evening. It was Pfizer (I had Astrazeneca for my first 2) and I was absolutely fine! Slight achy arm the following evening, but nothing more.

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