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Covid vaccine and Methotrexate


Wondering if anyone has any advice.

I’m due to have the Pfizer vaccine this afternoon only got appointment last night and had taken my methotrexate Injection 22.5mg.

Should I still get the jab today or wait?

No direct info on line regarding this.

Thanks in advance x

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Get the jab. Even if it it slightly reduces your response you will still be partially protected. The second dose will prompt your body into a more long lasting protection. Better some protection than none.

Azzure in reply to oldtimer

Thank you so much! I was sort of thinking it should be ok. It’s the second dose that does the job more so I can see about Methotrexate when it’s due. The worrying thing is my second appointment is 10 weeks apart not the 3 weeks that Pfizer has recommended.

In an ideal world perhaps you wouldn’t but getting the jab is perhaps best. If there are stock problems with the vaccine if you postpone then may be weeks before another chance!

Azzure in reply to helixhelix

Sadly we don’t live in an Ideal world and your right I need to get it as I could regret.

Thank you both for your time to respond xx

I have just been for the jab & they only ask you about allergic reactions & drugs like warfarin.There were two doctors I knew there..,not vaccinating...I guess to answer questions if the vaccinators needed advice.

Azzure in reply to AgedCrone

Thank you it’s methotrexate that I was concerned about. Well that’s good if they have Doctors there to give advice.

I will ask if they are there when I go !

Hope no side effects for you 🤞x

AgedCrone in reply to Azzure

No didn’t, feel a thing...two hours on & not a twinge....except cold outside is freezing cold here!

Azzure in reply to AgedCrone

That’s good!

You should be ok according to the webinar a while the doctor said no need to stop medication

Interestingly. I had an ultrasound guided steroid injection in my wrist on Friday and was asked if I’d had the COVID jab. If I had had it done I wouldn’t have been allowed the steroid one.!!

Azzure in reply to Sarahg62

That is interesting !

bpeal1 in reply to Sarahg62

That’s probably because the current advice is to delay non-essential steroid injections for 2 weeks after a covid vaccination to allow the best response to the vaccine. See point 11 on this article.

Sarahg62 in reply to bpeal1

Yes they said that.

Just don’t take it for the next 2 weeks - that’s the major window to be concerned about. And then for the second dose a little more space between your pre-vaccine injection and then, again, wait 2 weeks.

Azzure in reply to HanaleiBa

Thank you I thought it would be treated the same as having a flu vaccine.

Common sense told me to hold off the injection for 1 week after the flu jab, as I knew it is bound to interfere with it. I later read then 2 weeks would have been better. I won’t do my injections for 2 weeks and see how I get on.

Because I live on my own I want to thank all you amazing people who have responded. It is like having a loving mum you can go to in times of worry!

It means a lot 💜

bpeal1 in reply to HanaleiBa

There is a lot of different ideas on this and everyone is different so I would advise everyone to talk to their own Rheumatology team.

Azzure in reply to bpeal1

Yes I will also do that anyway for sure.

It was all a bit of a rush because I didn’t get called for the vaccine because I’m shielding, it was through my job.

My whole team were contacted Friday evening to come for the jab the next day.

I thought it will be the same vaccine as waiting for the appointment for shielding so I might as well go sooner.

Will speak to Rheumatolgy tomorrow thank you.

bpeal1 in reply to Azzure

Yes definitely go for it as soon as you get the offer. I was referring to whether or not to take MXT next week. Some rheumatologists say you should some say you shouldn’t.

Azzure in reply to bpeal1

Thank you yes it’s not all clear cut with different doctors. I will ring them and get their advice. I live in Wales so will let you know what advice I’m given.

I had Covid in December and was told by Rheumatolgy not to take my Methotrexate until I get tested again as I need to be negative before I restart. I had to wait 3 weeks to get tested and luckily it was negative.

Like you I was concerned that methotrexate and the vaccine may effect each other so I contacted my GP. The GP then contacted the rheumatology dep't and got back to me saying nothing to worry about ie take the methotrexate as usual and have the jab. I duly had the Pfizer vaccine on 15th Jan but did mention methotrexate tablets to the vaccinator who agreed no problem. ( She took methotrexate herself so was aware of this drug)

Azzure in reply to Sallysuk

Hi thank you for your comments that is a help to people.

I spoke to my Rheumatolgy Consultant yesterday. I asked should I hold off my Injection this week as I had the vaccine Saturday and he said yes it won’t hurt for a week.

I was concerned about taking methotrexate and the vaccine so close together he said it shouldn’t affect the efficacy.

Hi are you just on methotrexate or any other medication please? I'm on methotrexate & sulphasalazine and have had no information from my doctor since this whole pandemic started! I am 46 so don't know whether this also makes a difference to when you are vaccinated? (Just thinking if you are over 70/75 and on these meds will you be vaccinated before someone my age?)

Azzure in reply to dalybird

Hi Dalybird

I’m in Wales and I understand it as, if you are in the clinically extremely vulnerable group (CEV) level 4, people are looking to be vaccinated middle of February. I have already had my jab from work. Do you know what Group you are in? Did you receive a shielding letter? I did and only take 22.5mg Methotrexate.

What I have read is that people who are on the Shielding List will be contacted when due to have vaccine and not to contact GP, Rheumatolgy etc as they don’t know the exact dates. So this tells me it will maybe come from the Government Shielding List rather than GP or Rheumatolgy? However, I am aware that some people are not on a Shielding list in some parts of the Country.

dalybird in reply to Azzure

Hi thank you for replying. I have now contacted my GP and they said I will be contacted in due course! I am number 6 on the list so a little while longer to wait! I'm pleased you have had your vaccine, that's great.

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